Serbs went to Skiathos via ship and they simply had to dance to kolo (VIDEO)

A group of Serbs danced to kolo on the deck of the ship near the island Skiathos

Harmonica, violin, whistling, and swimwear! All of this on a ship near the Greek coast. 

Young Croats celebrating victory on the Mundial with the Serbian kolo (VIDEO)

Namely, a group of Serbs danced "Uzicko kolo" on the ship, during the trip to the island Skiathos.

They danced kolo on the deck, between the benches, and the tourists followed them, recorded them, and they swayed with the sound of the traditional Serbian music. 

This is just one more move by our tourists, just like when they danced Kolo in Paralia this year, in the center of the city. Serbian kolo is spreading on the Greek coast.

Watch the video:


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