20 years ago, Bozo was murdered by Albanians on Kosovo, and his daughter grew up into a beauty: Katarina reminded about his father's death with a painful post (PHOTO)

Tiffany Trump visited the temple of St. Sava, and then she waved, with a smile, to our reporters (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

My son has murdered a child, come and get him! The man, who beat his baby to death, was reported by his mother

Kolinda met with numerous world leaders in Paris, and she conveyed greetings to Putin from her daughter

Unprecedented crime over a banal reason: Mother, father and daughter brutally murdered while sleeping (VIDEO)

A drama of Serbian tourists on Brac: Croatian minister saved them from certain death (VIDEO)

Father and a daughter were killed by electricity in a barn with cows: Older son prevented a greater tragedy and saved other members of the family (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The other side of autism, new world, new language: A father came up with the most beautiful present for his autistic girl (PHOTO)

I had four surgeries because of cancer, and I told my family I was going on a tour... The saddest confession of Serbian singer about the greatest fight of her life

Marina (29) set her self, her son, and her daughter on fire: She got off from work, she picked up her children and took them deep into the woods - and then their bodies were found

Bosnian made us laugh with his photos, and now he wrote a letter to his daughter before the wedding which made everybody cry

DRAMA! Serbian citizen trapped in Syria, they won't let him cross the border, his daughter is begging for help! (PHOTO)

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