Tiffany Trump visited the temple of St. Sava, and then she waved, with a smile, to our reporters (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The daughter of the American president enjoys in Belgrade

Tiffany Trump dedicated the Tuesday, March 12th for sightseeing of Belgrade, and as we exclusively found out, she spent the afternoon hours visiting the Temple of St. Sava in Belgrade, on Vracar!

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Our crew "caught" Tiffany upon returning to the hotel, and it was noticeable that the girl was in a really good mood, smiling, not pretentious, and when our journalist greeted her, she waved and she had a big smile.

All of that was captured by our reporter.

Foto: Marko Jovanović

Foto: Marko Jovanović

Tiffany, as we found out, is being guarded by security and secret services, and also by the Serbian police, which follows Donald's daughter wherever she goes.

- Our police follow her everywhere, but they don't know where is she going until she starts moving from her hotel - said the source of Telegraf.

Before the Temple of St. Sava she visited the Museum of Nikola Tesla in Krunska street. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / I.C.)

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