My son has murdered a child, come and get him! The man, who beat his baby to death, was reported by his mother

She noticed that he was acting strange, so she made him confess everything

Ferdi Jasari (23) from Zemun was arrested due to the suspicion that he has beaten his 5 months old daughter Leonora to the death because, according to the statement, he was having an addiction crisis, and he was annoyed that the baby was crying. The girl was still alive when the mother took M.I. to Zemun hospital on November 23 and she told the doctors that she probably has some stomach virus. 

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The child died the same evening, and because of suspicious circumstances, the body was sent to the Forensic Institute, where the terrible truth has been discovered.

- The baby had multiple fractures of the ribs, and she had visible hematomas on her hands and head. Earlier injuries were also discovered, including many fractures of the ribs which healed already - said the source from the police.

Foto: Facebook/Ferdi Buraz

Little Leonora was buried on November 28th on the cemetery in Sremcica, and Ferdi was arrested after the funeral in the house of his mother's in this suburb in Belgrade. He was already reported for domestic violence, and last year, he has spent a month in prison for this act.


The police couldn't find Ferdi until his mother reported him after the funeral. She is working in Germany but she returned to Serbia to say goodbye from her granddaughter.

- They told me that the granddaughter was sick, and then she died. The told me that she had some infection. Ferdi acted strange on the funeral, first I thought that it was because he was sad, but I know my child and I saw that something was wrong. When we arrived home I started questioning him, and in the end, he confessed everything. He said that he didn't know what he was doing. He was having a crisis. I waited for him to fell asleep, I went to the bathroom and I called for the police. I told them: "My son has murdered a child, come and get him". Some mothers wouldn't do it, but I had to! He is responsible for what he did to my granddaughter! When the police arrived, they carried guns. I told them to lower their weapons and that he will come peacefully, and that is what happened. I feel terrible, but he needs to answer for his crimes. I don't understand why the daughter in law didn't report him, she could have done it in the hospital or in the police - A.J. said.

Foto-ilustracija: pixabay.com

Grandpa of the murdered girl also spoke for the media.

- He used to beat my daughter, and then she took the children and she came to us. He stormed in and he kidnapped the son, my grandson. The daughter reported him to the police and he was in prison for a month. I asked for custody over the children, but the daughter reconciled with him in the meantime so I gave up - said I.I. for Srpski Telegraf.


According to the stories from the neighborhood, Ferdi used to create problems before, he was prone to alcohol and narcotics and people considered him a violent man.

- He hit a neighbor in the head with a hammer. This is the house of his brother who is now in Germany and Ferdi and his wife came here to sleep with their children, mostly at night. A few days ago the police came but we didn't know why. We thought that he was wanted for some theft, and then we later found out that he murdered his daughter. He harassed his older child, he used to beat him up, he didn't give him food, he threw his wife and children in the street - the neighbors said.

Besides domestic violence, Ferdi was charged for thefts several times. He was detained for 48 hours, and he will be taken to the prosecutor after that, he will be charged for first-degree murder.

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