The truth about riches and gold in Serbia: "Everything goes to them. Of course."

Huge wealth found in southern Serbia: Canadians discover 19.3 tons of gold in just one location!

Pucnjava u centru Jagodine: Ispaljeno nekoliko hitaca iz automobila u pokretu

We reveal the success of a Serbian family: They make brandy which tastes like gold and it costs 40€

Fight for your life in Belgrade: A thief hit her in the chest and ripped the necklace from her neck, he became even crueler when he saw her arm

Two women from Belgrade came for vacation in Tivat, and then they started robbing: Huanita and Hana broke into a house, they stole thousands of euros and gold jewelry

THE ETERNAL CHAMPIONS: Water polo players of Serbia are the Champions of Europe! Spain defeated after the penalties! (PHOTO)

A Serb with his three sons bought girls for 40.000 euros and he made them commit robberies: They had to do 10 robberies per day and whoever returned without loot - punishment (PHOTO)

IVANA'S GOLDEN JUMP: Watch how Ivana extinguished the hopes of the fiercest rival and won the world throne! (VIDEO)

Serbian flag above the American and German, Ivana in tears: She listened to the national anthem in disbelief with gold around her neck! (VIDEO)

Aleksandar made 20.000 euros over the night: He went to sleep like he does every night, and he woke up a king!

Director of Mining and smelting combine Bor reveals exclusively for Telegraf: Is there gold in Bor mud and how hard it is to steal it? (VIDEO)

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