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Nis "Spider-Man" arrested: He climbed rain gutters and lightning rods, stole jewelry to give to girl

Since early February until April 6 this year, he caused damage to apartment owners, which is estimated at around 2,8 million dinars

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Through intensive operative work, the Nis Criminal Ivestigations Police has solved 19 serious thefts and five attempted criminal acts and arrested N,R., 39, a serial thief from Niska Banja.

"It is suspected that since early February until April 6 this year, he climbed rain gutters and lightning rods to reach balcony doors, which he would then smash with suitable tools, and then after ransacking the apartments steal golden jewelry, watches and cach, which caused damage to apartment owners estimated at around 2,800,000 dinars. He also broke into five apartments from which he did not take anything," the police stated.

As we have learned, the police arrested him immediately after he sold a certain amount of his loot to a pawn shop.

"Nis criminal investigations inspectors worked thoroughly on this case because they realized that it was a dangerous thief who would not stop until he was caught. N.R. was arrested when he least expected it,  as he was taking a walk with his girlfriend. 5,450 euros and 21,000 dinars were found on his girlfriend, suspected to have been acquired through the sale of stolen items. Also, she was wearing a stolen gold chain and ring, while a gold necklace, two watches, as well as gloves and tools that the thief used during his burgling raids were found in her apartment. A gold chain and two telephones were also found in the suspect's possession. Also, the police found a scooter that he used while committing the crimes, a screwdriver and gloves, as well as medieval coins, which had also been stolen," say our sources familiar with the case.

By checking jewelry stores and pawnshops, the police also found certificates that gold worth 583,000 dinars, which also originates from burglaries, had been handed over.

N.R. is a multiple repeat offender who was released from prison last October. He has been detained for up to 48 hours, after which he will be brought before the competent prosecutor's office along with a criminal complaint.


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