We reveal the success of a Serbian family: They make brandy which tastes like gold and it costs 40€

In order for a family company to be successful, it requires the dedication of all members of the family, each day of the year

In the heart of Sumadija, in the village Cvetojevac, there is a distillery Pevac. A family company which can make a decent living, as the owner Aleksandar Stankovic said.

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It took five years minimum, 24 hours a day, to reach that decent living.

Today, they have wine and brandy which they export all over the world, into Russia, Europe, North America... They also hire subcontractors because they do not have their own fruit.


Foto: Pixabay.

They are struggling with problems like every small manufacturer in Serbia. He emphasizes that it is the same for all manufacturers in our areas, especially for wines and brandies - the black market. As he said, there is a lack of will from the state to solve this, and small manufacturers are the ones who feel that the most, which is also felt on the workforce, which is lacking. 

- There are workers, but they are disappointed because we, due to the black market, can't charge enough for our product, so we can't pay our worker the amount he deserves - said Aleksandar.

The curiosity in the basement is brandy with golden leaves. Lately, people have been calling just for that.

A bottle of brandy like that is around 5.000 dinars (around 40 euros) on our market.

And you can look why is this small distillery so successful at the beginning video. 


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