Teme: History

American wrote 13 things why Serbia is fantastic: Not even the Serbs noticed the number 5

Great discovery in Istria: Pictures from the Paleolithic age discovered in Romuald's cave, over 30.0000 years old (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The hidden beauty of Western Serbia: The land where our soldiers shed blood is proudly guarded by Orthodox monasteries (PHOTO)

Serbia celebrates the statehood day: The award ceremony at the Presidency (PHOTO)

Kolinda said this to young Serbs who didn't stand up for the national anthem: "You don't have to love Croatia, but you have to respect it"

Djokovic: What a year, troubles with injury, elbow surgery, and now I am holding the trophy of Australian Open before you...

How did Tito damage Serbia for war compensation from Germany: We were supposed to get 355 billion dollars - 49.396 per capita!

I entered the most unusual church in Trebinje and I was speechless: On the walls paintings of famous writers and scientists (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Petrovaradin Fortress as a symbol of Novi Sad, Danube, and Vojvodina, and rarely anyone knows the terrible secret hidden behind its walls

What kind of a pact did the Serbs sign with nature? The earth is devastated by earthquakes, storms, and disasters, and cataclysm is bypassing us

Novak, you became immortal: Djokovic's historic victory against Federer in the finals of Cincinnati (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A great discovery shook up scientists in Serbia: 22 Roman tombs from the fourth century with skeletons were discovered (PHOTO)

The most emotional moment of Wimbledon: Stefan hugging Novak after the finals! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

We think that Vidovdan is the greatest holiday, and we don't celebrate it by not working: What are the key events that took place on this day?

Biblical floods on Mount Athos: The greatest Serbian holy place Hilandar is suffocating in rivers of blood and water

This Serbian tribe lives in Macedonia to this day: They kept the customs from Nemanjic dynasty, and it is believed that they constructed Hilandar

Belgrade had a beach more beautiful than Nice and Ibiza: Today, there is gray concrete instead of the softest sand in the Capital (PHOTO)

Japanese Kotaro fell in love with our country at first sight: He married a Serb girl, he loves the SFRY history, and this is what he said about Tito and Djindjic (PHOTO)

A steam engine from 1872 is still working in this mine: It still safely lowers miners to the pit (PHOTO)

Timeless church-barn in Mionica: It was relocated four times, and it served as a hospital in the First World War (PHOTO)

Historical signature of Kokoskov! A Serb became the first man from Europe who took over the NBA team!

Yugoslavia still exists, it is in the middle of Serbia and thousands of nostalgics celebrate the International Workers' Day there (VIDEO)

I want another Serb next to Bogdan: Doug Christie full with emotions because of Divac, Peja, and Serbia (VIDEO)

Happy New Year 7527, according to the oldest Serbian calendar

Next time we are going to Kosovo: Night Wolves revealed where the Russian influence is felt the most in Serbia (PHOTO)

BEAUTIFUL SERBIA! A scene from Soko-Grad, a stronghold of a Bogumil which was sieged by great Prince Stefan Nemanja (PHOTO)

I saw raped Serbian women in Pristina: Kouchner decided to speak after 19 years

Serbia is celebrating the Presentation of Jesus: Two important events happened on this day that changed the course of our history

Croats published, prior to Vucic's arrival, that 576 Serbs died in Jasenovac prison camp and that 1.078 died of natural causes!

Canadian soldier found a boy from Bosnia whom he met during the war: He was thinking about him for 24 years, watching the photo of them together (PHOTO)