American wrote 13 things why Serbia is fantastic: Not even the Serbs noticed the number 5

Great discovery in Istria: Pictures from the Paleolithic age discovered in Romuald's cave, over 30.0000 years old (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The hidden beauty of Western Serbia: The land where our soldiers shed blood is proudly guarded by Orthodox monasteries (PHOTO)

Serbia celebrates the statehood day: The award ceremony at the Presidency (PHOTO)

Kolinda said this to young Serbs who didn't stand up for the national anthem: "You don't have to love Croatia, but you have to respect it"

Djokovic: What a year, troubles with injury, elbow surgery, and now I am holding the trophy of Australian Open before you...

How did Tito damage Serbia for war compensation from Germany: We were supposed to get 355 billion dollars - 49.396 per capita!

I entered the most unusual church in Trebinje and I was speechless: On the walls paintings of famous writers and scientists (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Petrovaradin Fortress as a symbol of Novi Sad, Danube, and Vojvodina, and rarely anyone knows the terrible secret hidden behind its walls

What kind of a pact did the Serbs sign with nature? The earth is devastated by earthquakes, storms, and disasters, and cataclysm is bypassing us

Novak, you became immortal: Djokovic's historic victory against Federer in the finals of Cincinnati (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A great discovery shook up scientists in Serbia: 22 Roman tombs from the fourth century with skeletons were discovered (PHOTO)

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