Great discovery in Istria: Pictures from the Paleolithic age discovered in Romuald's cave, over 30.0000 years old (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Romuald's cave is in Istria, municipality Kanfanar, on the southern slopes of the Lim channel

Cave pictures were discovered from the Paleolithic age in the Romuald's cave in Istria, they are over 30.000 years old, and bison, chamois, and human figures were presented.

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Those are the first cave pictures discovered in Croatia, and the discovery was presented by scientists Darko Komso from the Archaeological Museum of Istria and Ivor Karavanic from the Department of Archaeology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in April edition of the archaeological magazine Anqituity, reports N1 Zagreb.

Romuald's cave is in Istria, municipality Kanfanar, on the southern slopes of the Lim channel. It is around 100 meters long and it is known after the legend that the St. Romuald stayed in it around 1.000 years ago and that is how the material remains of Neandertals from the Paleolithic period were discovered.

The cave drawings were first discovered in 2010 when Komso within the project CRORA (CROatian Rock Art) revealed the drawings performed with red color on the walls of the cave and he presumed that they belong to the Paleolithic era.

44 pictures were recorded in the cave, and several drawings stand out, which present the bison, chamois, representations of people and triangles, which can symbolize female gender. 

Further excavations at the base of the rock led to discoveries of the material remains from the upper Paleolithic era, tools, chalks, and the analysis of it determined they were around 17.000 years old.

There is a pre-historic representation of figures in the Balkans discovered in Romania in the cave Koliboaia and in the cave Badanj in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Take a look at more pictures HERE.

Watch the video:

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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