Teme: negotiations

The solution for Kosovo will come when these 5 countries agree: The resolution 1244 will be repealed?

The EU has spoken about the Pristina platform

US message to Pristina sent from Zagreb: Suspend these taxes

While there are talks about taxes, the Albanians are carrying out a sinister plan to seize Trepca

We have no obstacles to go to the elections, we are waiting for one thing: Vucic about snap elections (PHOTO)

The situation is tense in Brussels! Mogherini and Haradinaj canceled their press conference for the public (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Hahn won't meet with the representatives of the Serbian list? He traveled to Pristina after the meeting with the president of Serbia

US Senator sends a message to Vucic and Thaci: Leave some room for agreement, the US is there to support it

I want them to experience this as a wake-up call, and not as a debacle: Vucic's message to Pristina after the triumph of Serbia in Interpol (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbia won't become the member of EU without the recognition of Kosovo, a German MP said: That was the condition to start with negotiations

Erdogan and Vucic on the telephone, the Turkish president said: I will support every agreement of Serbs and Albanians

The most influential newspaper in the wolds asks: How could the border change happen in 2008, and now it can't?

Serbs are good people: Telegraf reveals the details of the talks between Trump and Brnabic

Serbia opens three new chapters in December? Some countries still think that we shouldn't rush so much

It is calm in Mitrovica and Gazivode: Everything is prepared for the arrival of Vucic (PHOTO)

Chaos in Pristina continues: After many delays, a session on the Kosovo government negotiating team is scheduled for today

Pacolli revealed that he comes from Orthodox family and he shocked with the statement about Serbian churches on Kosovo: They were built by Albanians as well

If tanks from Serbia cross the Kosovo border, we are here: Haradinaj threatens with a new war

Frozen conflict, status quo, and horror without end: Does Serbia need the society of Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia?

Clan Wars in Kosovo or smokescreen for Serbs: What's behind the Thaci and Haradinaj conflicts about the idea of changing borders?

A plan of Angela Merkel for Kosovo: Community of Serb Municipalities, plus recognition of current state and the grand final in 20 years

Thaci revealed his goal, he wants to tear off pieces from Serbia: "Presevo valley" should be a part of Kosovo

The division of Kosovo means war, anyone who speaks about it will bring a tragedy to the Balkans: A terrible warning by Haradinaj after the round of negotiations in Brussels

Macedonians hope to enter NATO soon: They said from the alliance that they are expecting negotiations first

Albanians are firing from all weapons before the negotiations in Brussels: Will there be the dialogue at all?

It is official! The new name of Macedonia will be the Republic of Northern Macedonia

Greeks on the streets again because of Macedonia: They want their government to take a firm stand in the negotiations for the name

All the attacks of Albanians in the last few days are with someone's consent: Vucic on events about Kosovo

They are taking down Thaci on Kosovo: Pristina parties don't want him in charge of dialogue with Belgrade

Protests on the streets of Skopje due to visit of Greek Foreign Minister: Macedonians don't want to give up their name (PHOTO)