Teme: Odd

An unreal scene in the middle of winter: Hail the size of an orange roared through Montenegro, cars were barely moving (VIDEO)

A dead drunk Croat (53) roamed on the highway in Bavarska, he was trying to return to his own country

Wedding guests forgot about the groom, and he tirelessly ran after the car: The incredible video from the wedding in Herzegovina (VIDEO)

I have a house at the seaside, two pools, 650 euros pension, and I live alone: We called the number from the most famous ad in Serbia

Serbs went to Skiathos via ship and they simply had to dance to kolo (VIDEO)

A man from Belgrade was caught with 14.7 blood alcohol level: He broke the world record, no one knows how he survived, and it was all because of a woman

A fight of men in the middle of a street in Zadar: The reaction of the people passing by is truly incredible (VIDEO)

Drawings of the pupils from Banja Luka divided the nation: Is this for applause or for a psychologist?

Ana is a princess from Nis: While her friends went to the prom in limos, she rode on a horse Rajna (PHOTO)

A bizarre creature shocked people of Nis after the rain: They claim that the monster moved its hands, and some suspects it an - alien! (PHOTO)

Bojan and Ana posses the ability that only 2% of the people in the world have - they can talk and read backward (PHOTO)

The baby is coming! Biljana Stanojevic gave (32) birth to her sixth child in the ambulance: Little Zarko got his name after the technician who brought him to this world (PHOTO)

The groom wore a suit from bags and the bride wore a dress from waste paper. Instead of gifts, they got trash (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

They gave Americans to try Macedonian dishes, and their reactions are hilarious: They had to eat tripe soups, tavce gravce, rolled cabbage... (VIDEO)

Unbelievable! A woman washed her butt at a fountain in the middle of the day (VIDEO)

Croats fined the fishermen from Slovenia: They sent a penalty of unbelievable 28,000 euros

FOR A GOOD MORNING: Geese are crossing the road, and crossing, and crossing, and there is no end to it. All you can do is just wait (VIDEO)

The most famous snout in Bosnia: A pig instead of a turn signal (VIDEO)

The event that discussed the region: A man from Bosnia and Herzegovina raped a goat

Horse Zekan from Travnik loves Bosnian cevapi! (VIDEO)

"The average size of Serbian pride is 18cm and Albanian 13cm": How many women dream about sex with Albanian, and how many Albanians would go to bed with a Serbian?

This is how a man from Dalmatia cleans snow in Baranja! (PHOTO)

Bosnians invented a new sport: Football in a "pool", game in a knee-deep water! (PHOTO)

We can't even clean the snow in front of our own house and Nikola is cleaning it on Balkan Mountains on a unicycle (VIDEO)

THE BRAVEST BABY IN BELGRADE: While grownups faint from fear, he is SCREAMING OUT IN LAUGHTER while his blood is being taken out (VIDEO)

Mysterious downhill on the Serbian mountain, where due to the proximity Djavolja Varos, the water is flowing uphill (VIDEO)

SERB THE GENIUS: He sold an egg cardboard, you will be amazed when you see how! (PHOTO)

A movie-like scene on Zemun: The driver of "Alfa Romeo" wanted to go to the tanning with his car? (PHOTO)

"Summer in a Serbian way in Ibiza": Montenegrin is playing gusle to his girls on the yacht, they are dancing and touching themselves (VIDEO)

He robbed her house and kissed her while she was asleep: Top 7 most hilarious thefts in Sumadija from 2007 to 2017 (PHOTO)