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UFO spotted on the sky above Skopje: Macedonians took a photo of the mysterious red ball

The flying object could be seen with a naked eye it looked like an unusual red ball

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Unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted over Skopje two nights ago. It could be seen with a naked eye and it looked like an unusual red ball, suddenly rising towards the sky above the suburb Bardovci, according to the portal dealing with subjects related with crime and justice, Dosie.mk.

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Although it was snowing intensively in Skopje at the time, the portal states that the unidentified flying object moved very quickly. It stopped for brief moments, and then it suddenly disappeared from sight.


The video of the mysterious flying object was created with the mobile phone from the suburb Trno Dol, and the white dot moving is actually red, although the picture doesn't show that correctly.

Dosie.mk doesn't know what kind of aircraft that is, but they remind that something similar happened two months ago. A silent craft appeared in the same spot but it moved in a different pattern, it was very bright, and it didn't leave any trail behind it.

Two night ago, a bright "UFO" was red, the brightness was far more intense, and the unidentified object was moving very fast toward the sky.

The editors of the Dosie.mk portal are convinced that it was a drone from Kosovo, one of many that flew over Skopje and Macedonia recently, as they said.

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(Telegraf.co.uk / D.J.)

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