An unreal scene in the middle of winter: Hail the size of an orange roared through Montenegro, cars were barely moving (VIDEO)

This type of weather is characteristic during warm months, and it is even possible in November

There was hail the size of an orange last night in Montenegro, and the drivers recorded incredible scenes on the roads.

It was snowing throughout the night, Serbian mountains became white: The scenes are like a fairytale, but the roads are dangerous (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The entire road near Brajici became white as if it was the middle of winter, however, not due to show as you might expect at the end of November.

Roads became cobbled with large hail, which was falling heavily in this place near Budva.

Hails is usual in warm months, especially in May and in June. However, it appears that it can happen during all months, writes the portal "Meteologos".


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