Teme: practice

Jelena is the best fighter in the world, she does ballet in kimono and she works in prison: She is a real brand of Leskovac (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

120 paratroopers jumped from 130 meters: Spectacle on the sky above Kovin (PHOTO)

Milos won the title of the best chef in the world: Triumph of the chefs from Serbia, he was better than 300 colleagues from 35 countries at the gastronomy competition (PHOTO)

Zoran (19) is a real Serb even though he is a born German: He can go to practice anywhere in the world, but he wants to work in SERBIA!

Nevena (29) literally has superpowers: You will be AFRAID of what her brain can do (VIDEO)

Deadly street gymnastics: Young men perform stunts at the edge of Branko's Bridge in Belgrade (VIDEO)

It started with the game on the Internet, and Nemanja's magical images now have fans all over the world (PHOTO)

Ilija had 150 kilos and he was sick of himself: He decided to lose 60 kilos, and now girls open their mouths when they see him (VIDEO)

His life today would be the saddest movie in the world: 18 years since the death of the legendary Perhan (VIDEO)

Dad, what are you doing? Novak's son is wondering what kind of practice is Serbian ace doing (VIDEO)

No one is more handsome than Nemanja, the male nurse: He had to turn down the rude offer from a singer, he is mowing the grass, practices every day (PHOTO)

Students from Sarajevo planted raspberries and started their own business: We did not want to sit and wait for the job

Sexy Jovana made a gym in her garden: She uses onions for practice, and when you see her body you will start planting, sorry, training (VIDEO)

LITTLE LARA IS A GENIUS: She has twice as many medals as she has years (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Jevrosimovic: You will see the greatness of athletics in Arena, tickets for the European championship are almost sold out (PHOTO)

Djokovic performed magic on training: Watch the trick shot where his opponent almost rolled over (VIDEO)

Danica Vlahovic from Vrbas is Super granny: She is 70 and she tirelessly holds aerobic classes (VIDEO)

UN soldiers crosses many kilometers and got to Red Star training practice with Serbian tricolor and red-and-white flags (PHOTO)

PANIC IN SKOPJE: Security discovered explosive in a car in front of USA embassy (PHOTO)

BOJAN SHOWED WHAT SELF BELIEVING CAN DO: Water jump tied him to the wheelchair, and 9 years later he is back on his feet (PHOTO)

MIRJANA MILOSEVIC BECAME A WOODEN DOLL: Entire world went crazy for this woman, and she reveals her secret (VIDEO)

Show of the boy who "pissed off" Novak Djokovic! (VIDEO)