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Lazar's average grade was 9.55, and he wasn't able to complete Medical Faculty because of the money: Completely unknown person did something unreal (PHOTO)


Lazar took the long way to his goal to be in the operating room and to perform anesthesia and reanimation

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The pieces just fall in the place sometimes, just in spite. The money became a necessity, unfortunately, and the people often need it when it is a crucial moment in their life. Lazar Stevanovic (23) from Bor has been dreaming about a job as an anesthesiologist in the OR for a long time and he has been striving for that goal, but he doesn't have all of the conditions as other studentsHis effort and desires were recognized by total strangers, and they even helped as much as they could. 

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- I wanted to go to college when I was in high school, and due to the situation that only my mom had income, I couldn't go to the Faculty of Medicine, so I went to the High Medical School of Professional Studies in Cuprija - said Lazar.

He tried to be a student of the Faculty of Security in Belgrade, but, due to the finances, he had to drop out of it.

- I had to go somewhere closer. Smaller city, fewer expenses - he explains briefly.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Love for the profession led him to learn as much as possible outside of the book, so he wrote six scientific research papers, he has been to Swiss as an exchange student, congresses, seminars, and works as an assistant on four different subjects. He graduated from High medical school with an average mark of 9.55.

Like many young people, he experienced the unfair part of life. Due to finances, it can be said that a part of his generation is running on the fancy track, and he and the others with similar financial problems are running around the stadium.

Nobody should be ashamed of what they have, when they graduate, the diploma will "taste sweeter".

And he plans on enrolling to the Faculty of Medicine from the start and to reach a position of an anesthesiologist, his dream job. He plans on organizing his time better and to secure the finances with some additional job which he can coordinate with his obligations as a student. And with experience so far, his diploma and practices, he will surely have the advantage in the next generation of students.

While he makes plans to continue to work on himself, he received the support from the complete stranger.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- I wanted to go to training in Egypt with the help of the students' organization. I will work in the operating room, in a triage department. After a post on the social network by the woman who wanted to help me, there was miss Sandra that I didn't know. We met, I told her how I reached the training, I told her about my future plans. She just said that she is overjoyed that she can help someone who continues to learn, especially in medicine. I am eternally grateful. 

She bought the ticket to Egypt, one of the conclusions is that she bought the ticket for the future.

(Telegraf.co.uk / M. Ro)

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