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Jelena is the best fighter in the world, she does ballet in kimono and she works in prison: She is a real brand of Leskovac (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Most of the people would need 48 hours for the things Jelena does every day

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Jelena Stanojevic (29) is a synonym for "3 in 1". She connects everything many can't even imagine: karate, ballet, and prison. She is finishing the year as the best sportswoman in Fudokan, discipline originating from karate, and rarely anyone has heard about it. Unfortunately. However, she said that she got used to it. All of her results are making her and her family happy. A verbal praise is the only reward she gets. Even if she is the best in the world.

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- Girls from other countries get expensive cars and valuable monetary rewards for the same successes. Me, no. Karate is a national sport in neighboring Romania - Jelena said at the beginning of the conversation.

Fukodan, trained by Jelena, is actually a style of combat invented by doctor Ilija Jorga. It is not much different from Japanese karate. Basically, it's all the same, except few little things in the way it is scored and the poses performed in katas. 

Foto: Privatna arhiva

Although she dedicated her entire life to the sport, that is not the only thing Jelena does. You can' imagine a girl who has a more fulfilled day than her. Besides karate, the young girl from Leskovac is spending her days in the County Prison. Sometimes as a guard, and mostly working in administration. 

- First, I used to work in the Central prison in Belgrade, as a guard, and then I was transferred to my hometown, Leskovac. I am working in administration there, in an all-male prison. I couldn't use my karate skills there, but I am a brand of the prison - said Jelena through laughter.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

It is a fact that the job in prison is not easy at all, but Jelena is enjoying the benefits.

- Whenever I go to the competition or I have some obligations with the children I train, the warden helps me and gives me free days - she is honest.

That is not everything we have to say about her. A few years ago, she thought of connecting ballet and karate. She talked with her sister Sanja, who does ballet, and they came up with the choreography with the song - Rose, by Dino Merlin.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- Don't ask. It was very funny at the beginning. Imagine me in a kimono performing ballet moves, or her in a dress performing katas. We had our first appearance in Krakov at the opening of European championship and that was the most emotional performance for us, but technically, the weakest one.

As the time went by, they changed the choreographies and they matured, they adapted to each other.

Foto: Privatna arhiva

- And I have to admit, ballet is harder than karate. I can't step away from what I am doing, I have some katas I can adapt to the music, but she has to adapt to me and that is what makes it so difficult - she admits.

Like everybody else, Jelena has a lot of plans for the New Year. One of them is to finally go to Japan, the land of karate.

Foto: Privatna arhiva


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