Teme: Production

Is the expired milk recycled in Serbia and what do numbers on the pack mean?

Jasmina couldn't find work as a professor, so she rolled her sleeves and she started doing agriculture: The business is flourishing, and her products are without pesticides and poisons (PHOTO)

IKEA in Belgrade is open for business, and Telegraf in at the opening of the jubilee 400th building of the most famous Swedish department store chain (VIDEO)

Zoran makes delicacies which are worth 130 euros per kilo, and he immediately sells everything he makes!

Our Aleksandra is a world class innovator: She invented an instrument that will save millions of women (PHOTO)

The most searched job in Belgrade: They laugh and applaud, and they get cash on their hands!

Students from Sarajevo planted raspberries and started their own business: We did not want to sit and wait for the job

Briquette is Serbia's new treasure: Manufacturers can't produce enough for shipment, so they are working in three shifts!

The production of car parts began in Nis prison: There is one problem that no one anticipated

50 kilometers from Belgrade there is the happiest village in Serbia: It has 500 houses, everyone is working and they are united!

Montenegro protected its first product, surely you can guess what it is

SERBIAN FIAT ARRIVES TO EURASIA: All barriers down for duty-free import models from Kragujevac

How did a Bollywood movie celebrate Belgrade (VIDEO)

THERE IS LOTS OF MONEY IN THIS JOB: Growing this fruit can make you 13.000 euros

Serbia one of the five most attractive states for investments!

Prices of consumer goods, services 0.9 pct down