Jasmina couldn't find work as a professor, so she rolled her sleeves and she started doing agriculture: The business is flourishing, and her products are without pesticides and poisons (PHOTO)

Jasmina is making vegetables and besides that jams, juices, and sour salads. Most of her buyers are young mothers, but there are also a lot of older people, who want to eat healthily

Graduated professor of English language and literature from Visic near Capljina Jasmina Sose Cusic, better known as "Domestic Eco Vegetables and Fruits Jasmina", has been successfully producing fruits and vegetables in a more difficult but healthier manner without the addition of pesticides and various poisons.

Season work on one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic awaits you (PHOTO)

While talking with the agency "Fena", Jasmina said that she is working on the land with four families and a small part of it under a greenhouse.

- It is very important to me that I had the support of my husband and parents from the start, so my hands were free to do the organizing, and planning of everything, from seeding to the final product and the marketing - Jasmina said.

Speaking about the types of crops she grows, she said that she plants a lot of different types during a year, in different stages, different types of vegetables and fruits she can offer: mangel, broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, tomato, paprikas, cucumbers, green salad, arugula, onion, potato, carrot, beetroot, radish, parsley, celery, cabbage, pea, pumpkin, corn, strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, apples, pears, lemon, watermelon, cherry tomato, zucchini.

- Everything is planted in seasons, it grows and matures without rushing. The process of growing something the people need fascinates me, I am very proud that we can contribute to the better health of many children in our city and wider - Sose Cusic said, adding that the buyers amazed her many times with recognition how they noticed the difference between her product and the one sold in markets.

Sose Cusis is growing plants in two locations - in Visic and Nevesinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- I was born in Visic, and my husband comes from Nevesinje, so we connected the two places which are very fertile and they can provide a lot - Sose Cusic said.

When it comes to the fruit production, that is an entirely different story and a new form of growing for Sose Cusis. As she said, she started her first orchard with 500 different trees in Nevesinje. 

She explained that it will be a unique orchard in our areas.

Eco products can be bought in Mostar and she does that over her Facebook group and the page "Homemade eco vegetables and fruits Jasmina" which has over 10.000 members. The fruits and vegetables are delivered to the buyers three times a week, throughout the entire year.

- I am glad that I see young people becoming eco-aware. We see what is happening around us, sick people, allergic children, and the people are just tired of it and they want to eat healthily - Sose Cusic said, adding that she has no problems selling her products, in fact, she often doesn't have enough. The buyers who are interested from the start recognize the quality and they always come back.

She plans on opening a store in Mostar with eco fruits and vegetables and to register for the projects that are related to the encouragement of agricultural production the state is offering and with the NGO-s.

Jasmina Sose Cusis is 30, mother of two sons and in a happy marriage for more than 7 years. She graduated from English and literature, and she inherited her love for agriculture from her grandfather, and after him from his father. After graduated college, she did many types of work because she couldn't find a job.

She came to the idea to start selling fruits and vegetables over the internet. At the start of the production and selling, buyers had a positive feedback and the demand became greater and greater.

- After more than two years, we are working, creating and persevering in our plans. We didn't have many different cultures to offer, and we started introducing the ones that are on high demand, and no one planted that in the place where I live in - Jasmina Sose Cusic concluded.

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