We took a peek into the set of an Indian movie: Bridge on Ada became a Bollywood scene and a black "Porsche" was racing while the drone followed it (VIDEO)

It costs 15.000 euros to rent this Porsche for a day, and the car arrived from Hungary

The Indian movie "Kotigobba 3" is being filmed these days on the streets of Belgrade, and our team took a peek into the set and found out how it looks like to create this movie.

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Certain parts of the city will be closed from July the 1st to July the 6th, and the traffic will be changed as well. Our crew visited the bridge on Ada where some scenes are being made.

Part of the bridge towards New Belgrade didn't have the usual traffic jam and it became a real movie set with actors, cameramen, extras and the other members of the team.

The Indians worked hard, while the Belgrade bridge was shining on the afternoon sun.

Our attention was drawn by the black Porsche with a crane which was responsible for the creation of some of the best scenes.

Foto: Wikipedia/TeachAIDS

As we found out, it costs 15.000 euros to rent this Porsche for a day, and the car arrived from Hungary. 

This car contains state-of-the-art equipment, and a drone flew over one of the Belgrade symbols.

While this side of the bridge towards the New Belgrade was closed, the traffic in the opposite direction was going smoothly.

The film is produced by "Family Film" from Serbia, which aims to make strangers in our country feel like their home. The main star of the film is Indian actor Sudeep Sanjeev (44), also known as "Kiccha Sudeep". In addition to the bridge on Ada, the team will record at some other locations in Belgrade, and as we found out, they will stay for a month in the Serbian capital.

(Telegraf.co.uk / A.M.)

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