When Milica of Steel is on the street, all the men are running away: She likes aggressive scenes, she is the only girl in Serbia who knows to do it, and they even offered Bollywood to her (PHOTO)

We have watched with Milica a car being blown up on the set which is a double of her car

- I knew it, a female driver - a sentence that 99% of men say during driving. However, when Milica Tikic is in front of them, it is the best to just move from the road. Steel Serbian is smashing all prejudice that are connecting females with driving.

Unbreakable Slavisa has the most dangerous profession: He survived an explosion, crashes, cars rolling over, even a 60-meter drop (PHOTO)

She is just 26 years old, and she spent the last four years as a stuntwoman of the "Ska team". Because of her skills behind the wheel, the Indian production offered her a career in Bollywood

- I am the only girl in Serbia who is driving drift races, and I know everything there is about the cars. The more aggressive, the better. If I have to turn the car around people, I can do it. To race forward while the other cars are coming my way, also, no problem. And rolling in the car is not foreign to me - Milica said.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

Her desire for adrenaline and the love for fast driving led her to the job of a stuntwoman.

- I was attracted to everything you can't do in traffic. When I was little, my parents forbid extreme things to me, but now, they can't. The love won - the girl of steel remembers.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

When I asked how many movies she has been in, she said that she doesn't know exactly, but there were a lot of foreign movies.

- It all just came spontaneously. When I joined the stunt team, we started off slowly, but soon they saw that I can do more than regular driving - she said.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

There is a lot of aggressive and fast driving on the shooting of the new Indian movie, where she is a double to the main actor, so it was strange to me how the Indians let such an important job to a girl. I am not sure that even Serbs would do such a thing.

- When I arrived on the first day and when I drove my car, Indians asked me what was I doing there, but when they saw what I performed, they were fascinated right away and they wanted me to work for them, both here and abroad. It looks that I will have a Bollywood career after this movie - Milica said through laughter.

I saw while talking to her and with her colleagues, this girl has no fear. And the fact that she was never injured, although she was in many dangerous action scenes, proves that she is a girl of steel.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

I can barely wait for the scene where I can show what I know the best, to be as aggressive as possible. Of course, that is only on the set. On the street, in driving, I am completely different. The street is not a race track. It is enough to say that I never received a single traffic violation - concludes the girl who knows to do something most men only dream about.

We have watched with Milica a car being blown up on the set which is a double of her car.

Foto: Nikola Tomić

VIDEO: Bollywood blew up cars in Belgrade 


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