Teme: terrorism

The murderer from New Zealand wrote the names of Serbian heroes: Milos Obilic, Bajo Pivljanin... (PHOTO)

A terrorist was preparing for slaughter with the song about Karadzic: One minute before massacring 49 people, he was listening to the Chetnik song (VIDEO)

From KLA, over the Kosovo protection corps, Kosovo Security force, and then to "army": Development of terrorism on Kosovo

Exclusive video! Watch ROSU twisting hands of the arrested Serbs and dragging them to prison in South Mitrovica (VIDEO)

The battle for Interpol begins: The offensive of Pristina and the sharp response from Belgrade

Drama in Novi Sad: An attacker charged at the taxi driver, shouting "Allah Akbar"

Terrorists planned to attack the parade and the march of "Immortal Regiment" which was led by Putin and Vucic. Russian services prevented the massacre

Possible terrorist attacks in Kosovo, you are traveling at your own risk! Warning from America before Easter

The entire world is searching for this Bosnian: He is 23 years old, and he is the most dangerous ISIS terrorist

(EXCLUSIVE) Video of the fire in the betting shop Mozzart: He broke the glass, emptied the cannister, and then disappeared within seconds while the fire devoured the shop (VIDEO)

The US issued an alarming warning for Kosovo just two days before the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

I've refused to KILL Milo Djikanovic!

Islamic State uses weapons and ammunition and FROM SERBIA: Crates of death found with Jihadists!

We all feared of this: 300 Jihadists returned to Balkans, one of them is from SERBIA!

Jihadist Kenan Krso: He fought for ISIS, known for violence, and he kidnapped a Bosnian girl (12), he wanted to marry her?

150 JIHADISTS ARE RETURNING HOME TO BALKANS: A great danger is ahead of us, they fought on ISIS side and they are prepared for everything!

The brain of ISIS arrested in Sarajevo and extradited to America: Kandic is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world

I am a Serb nationalist, they told me that the authorities in Montenegro should be taken down: Sindjelic spoke at the trial of the terrorist attempt on the election day

Haradinaj is aiming for the south of Serbia: We will take care of "East Kosovo"

Amer is a jihadist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and fought in Syria with his SEVEN BROTHERS AND SISTERS: His men are now fleeing the hell of war

They set up a bomb in Belgrade, twice in the same place in August: Leaked video of an attempt of terrorist attack (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

The French finally understood why "Great Albania" is DANGEROUS: The greatest analysis that is shaking up Balkans

Fighter of Islamic State tried to enter Bosnia: It is believed that he planned a terrorist attack

More than 3,000 Serbs are currently in Barcelona and the surrounding area: Guidelines for behavior in these dangerous days (PHOTO)

Vucic expressed his condolences over the attack in Barcelona

(DISTURBING VIDEO) Serbian Dijana avoided the massacre in Barcelona and made a terrible video! The dismembered bodies lie everywhere

The Serbian passport is more valuable than the one from the SFRY: We can travel to 111 countries without visa

Trump has no plan for Balkan, change of borders would cause war, and the region is threatened with even more danger: Dark forecast from Washington

Jihadists are secretly treated in Sarajevo hospitals at the expense of Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens: They are brought wounded and tortured, and as soon as they recover, they return to battlefield

5,000 SLEEPERS on the border with Serbia are waiting for the signal to go march: Jihadists are making their own state on Balkans!