Teme: Thunderstorm

A strong storm has covered over Dalmatia: The locals watched a giant waterspout approaching (VIDEO)

A victim of the storm: A lightning killed a man (40) near Doboj

These parts of Serbia will be struck by rainfall the most: The emergency situation in one city, all teams are on the field

A familiar scenario: A tornado stormed two years ago through Pancevo and flooded the entire city (VIDEO)

Flood in Belgrade: Don't go out of the house unless you have to, bad weather created chaos in the capital (VIDEO)

The waterspouts and tornados will destroy us: Apocalyptic disasters are more and more frequent in Serbia, dark days are in front of us

Apocalyptic scenes in Uzice: Everything is white as in the middle of winter, streets become rivers, cars swim in the water (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A strong thunderstorm in Istria, 20.000 bolts of lightning across the sky

The storm has caught the parts of Croatia: Streets are flooded, people stuck in their cars, they are waiting for help

A storm has blown through Sarajevo! Streets flooded, umbrellas are swimming in the water, you can't see the rooftops from the ice (VIDEO)

We will have a turbulent summer: Infernal days will be replaced by thunderstorms, and we can expect two tropical months (LONG-TERM FORECAST)

THE STORM IS RUSHING TOWARDS SERBIA: Rain and thunder in Bosnia and Montenegro, Croatia under snow and it is totally blocked (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

HUNTING STORMS: These two men from Zrenjanin don't know fear, they defy lightning and the most fierce storms (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Storm wind carried roofs, stopped trains, ripped trees out of its roots and smashed cars: Serbia has been devastated! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

A storm roared through Serbia: Strong wind ripped out the trees, water and hail paralyzed cities (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

As if "Irma" itself came to Croatia: Red alarm for terrible weather, people trapped in their cars, schools are closed (VIDEO)

Waterspouts over Croatia: Strong storm hit Istria, floods washed river dam. Danger is still not over! (VIDEO)

Sandro managed to capture five waterspouts and lightnings: The entire Europe is talking about his unrealistic photos from the Adriatic sea (PHOTO)

Beware: An orange meteoalarm is in effect in Serbia

DANGEROUS STORM ROARS TO SERBIA: Big warning on rains, hail and storm winds, chaos will start in less than 48 hours!

A terrible moment in which a lightning strikes a cyclist at Varazdin (VIDEO)

Serbian holy site burned: Place where offerings were placed for decades disappeared in the blink of an eye

Tornado in Vojvodina: Look at the tornado that struck the vicinity of Novi Sad (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

HAIL AND STORM LEVELED CROATIA: Lightnings roared the skies, heavy rain flooded the roads (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

BAD WEATHER STRUCK WEST SERBIA: Households flooded in Kosjeric and Pozega

FROM SARAJEVO TO BELGRADE: These cities are the most VULNERABLE in the upcoming storm that will hit Balkan (PHOTO)

UNSEEN DISASTER IN CROATIA: The day turned black, rain and wind DESTROY everything (VIDEO)

TERRIBLE WARNING FROM EUROPEAN METEOROLOGISTS: The storm that desolates Balkan will last for several days!

THE STORM IS COMING IN SERBIA BY THE END OF THE WEEK: We are expecting showers and thunder!

ENTIRE SERBIA STRUCK WITH STORM: Bad weather ripped trees, billboards and traffic signs (PHOTO) (VIDEO)