The hail came crashing down on Belgrade: People were resting when it began to strike (PHOTO)

Hail was the size of small balls

People of Belgrade, at least those who live in Kosutnjak, weren't happy by the news that the heating season is over. Everything became white for them today.

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Our photographer, who was at the scene, recorded the hail which fell in this part of the capital.

Foto: Marko Jovanović

Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia warmed about thunderstorms, and not about hail. 

Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia announced a forecast that some parts of Belgrade can expect short rainfall and some thunders in central and southwest parts of Banat.

Morning frost can be expected on Tuesday morning in the north of Serbia, and on Wednesday morning in most places of Serbia.

The hail defense season begins from today, but the people don't want to work for 4.000 dinars (around 30 euros) anymore. The workers came to the court where they seek justice.


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