Apocalyptic scenes in Uzice: Everything is white as in the middle of winter, streets become rivers, cars swim in the water (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Raspberry plantations that survived the previous storms, didn't survive this one

The unprecedented storm hit Uzice, where hail the size of a nut was falling for over 10 minutes, leaving scenes you don't see even during winter.

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White roofs, white streets, grass and sidewalks in one part of the city, and torrents of water flowing towards the other part of the city, are the consequence of the terrible storm that struck Western Serbia.

Although summer is just a few days away from us, it seems like winter in Uzice. 

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The strong thunderstorm rumbled without a stop for 10 minutes, and the raspberry plantations that survived the previous storm didn't survive this one.

The terrible pictures of flooded cars shocked Uzice residents, and everyone is afraid of one thing - something like this can happen again during the day!


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