These parts of Serbia will be struck by rainfall the most: The emergency situation in one city, all teams are on the field

Floods are still not the thing of the past, and this day is crucial for certain parts of Serbia

It will be mostly cloudy today in Serbia, partly with rain, thunders, and showers. Increased precipitation is expected in Banat, Sumadija, Pomoravlje and in the area of Belgrade. The wind is weak and moderate, northwest, north.

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- Bearing in mind the warning issued by Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia about the weather conditions that await us during the night and tomorrow, all the teams of the Emergency Situations Department are currently on the scene and together with the local self-government and other protection and rescue forces, are monitoring the situation and will react immediately if needed - Predrag Maric said, Assistant Minister and Head of the Emergency Situations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The emergency situation is currently in force on the territory of the city of Cacak, and in 10 municipalities: Arandjelovac, Ivanjica, and in parts of Gornji Milanovac, Priboj, Ljig, Raska, Pozega, Smederevska Palanka, Velika Plana and Kosjeric.

- There weren't any new cases where the infrastructure was damaged by precipitation, and clearing of the roads was done in several locations - Maric explained.


The lowest temperature from 13 to 17, the highest from 21 to 25 C, announced the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute. It will be mostly cloudy in Belgrade, occasionally with rain, rain, and thunder. The wind is weak and moderate, northwest.

The lowest temperature 16, the highest around 22 C. It will be cloudy on Tuesday, partly with rain, showers, and thunder.

Mostly sunny from Wednesday, warmer with the rare occurrence of afternoon showers and thunders.

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