The latest warning - Serbia will be snowed in! We can expect a minimum of 10cm of snow and icy days

This was the coldest city in Serbia: An unusual phenomenon happened in the sky, everything was frozen in one moment and the plain became Serbian Siberia

An unreal scene in the middle of winter: Hail the size of an orange roared through Montenegro, cars were barely moving (VIDEO)

Scientists worried, great El Nino brings a drastic change in Serbian weather: Everybody fears from the upcoming winter, and we what we can expect (PHOTO)

It was snowing throughout the night, Serbian mountains became white: The scenes are like a fairytale, but the roads are dangerous (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Snow in May is old news: Slovenia became white in the middle of June, temperatures just like winter (VIDEO)

Snow in May on Balkans: Blizzard in Dalmatia, Biokovo also became white, the neighbors are freezing on 0 degrees

Blizzard paralyzed the Balkans: Hurricane storm roars at 170 km/h over Croatia, Montenegrins are going through the meter of snow (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The beautiful island of Brac is whole under snow: Spring ice wave in Europe will go down in history (VIDEO)

Rijeka covered in snakes: Citizens saw them everywhere, they go into homes and theaters, the authorities claim that it is all normal

Snow covered half of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and floods are imminent in Republika Srpska: Region on standby, red meteoalarm active

This is how a man from Dalmatia cleans snow in Baranja! (PHOTO)

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