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First videos of first snow in Serbia's lower regions: Rain turns to snowflakes in Cacak

Cold weather is expected throughout the country, but precipitation will stop

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After unusually warm days, this morning for the first time this season it snowed in Serbia's lower regions and cities. Yesterday's rain first turned into sleet and then snow.

Tuesday will be cold and cloudy in most parts of the country, in lower regions with rain and snow, and  with snow on mountains. Precipitation is expected to stop by the end of the day and will decrease in all areas.

Lows will range from -2 to 2 degrees and highs from 1 to 5 degrees centigrade.

The Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS) has announced that precipitation and therefore wet roads greatly affect the safe flow of traffic, while low temperatures contribute to the occurrence of ice.

For this reason, the AMSS is urging all drivers to adjust the speed of their vehicles to the conditions of the road and not to travel without winter equipment.

Video: irst snow on Zlatibor Mountain



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