Skopje became the center of prostitution due to the UEFA Super Cup of Europe: There is no more fornication, but they explained how are they preparing for Manchester - Real (PHOTO)

It is expected that the oldest craft should reach its peak

Football lovers are not the only ones that are interested in the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United, which will be held on Tuesday, on 8th August in Skopje within UEFA super Cup of Europe, but also the "beauties of the night" who already came to Macedonian capital in large numbers.

Confession of prostitute Marina from Belgrade who worked in Croatia: First, they buy us a couple of cocktails, and then I go to a room for 150 euros per hour!

Skopje was the most famous city in the Balkans in terms of the number of public houses between the two wars. Brothels are no longer available today, but prostitution continues to flourish. It is expected to reach its peak precisely tomorrow.

Part of the sex workers from the region already settled in Skopje, and besides domestic, the most prostitutes come from Bulgaria, Serbia, and Kosovo. 

They are all counting on good profit, and due to football fans from all over the world, they have increased their prices for sex favors. They expect to get the most money from fans from England, who are known as lovers of night life, alcohol and easy women.

Foto: D.Joksic

One young lady from Skopje will surely be there, who opened her soul for Telegraf at the start of January. She confessed that she started doing this for the money and that no one forced her into it.

- My clients are from all social layers. You don't choose the clients if they have the money to pay, they are welcome - said this "beauty of the night".

Clients can be found over advertisement or over recommendation, and the price of the services may vary.

Foto: D.Joksic

- The price for my services is from 50 euros for normal sex. Fetish is more expensive. So far, I have not come across a sadist or a masochist. There were clients who wanted to "tug" them a bit, but nothing terrible. I do not care, he pays for it - she said. 

She meets clients in hotel rooms, motels, guest houses, apartments, or other places they agree on. Considering her age and beauty, she can choose her clients.

Foto: D.Joksic

- You are asking me if I am an elite prostitute and if I were with politicians, businessmen, respectable people? Well, I don't want to reveal that - she is clear.

Foto: D.Joksic

She said that she will do this as long as she can, because "it can be a really decent living out of it". 

Foto: D.Joksic

And she will use the UEFA Super Cup without a doubt, which is held in Skopje, to increase her house budget, because the prices of her sex favors will be 70 euros, and up to several hundred euros. Just for one night. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.J.)

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