Teme: prostitute

Skopje became the center of prostitution due to the UEFA Super Cup of Europe: There is no more fornication, but they explained how are they preparing for Manchester - Real (PHOTO)

Two days of sex for 150 euros, you can not even imagine what you will experience: Secrets in the ads for dating in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Confession of Zika from the Empire of Brothels: This is an experience that you thought was only available to billionaires and sheikhs

Confession of prostitute Marina from Belgrade who worked in Croatia: First, they buy us couple of cocktails, and then i go to a room for 150 euros per hour!

Underage prostitution flourishing on the south of Montenegro: Teenagers are selling themselves to Albanians for 10 euros

Girls admitted to parents they are prostitutes: Mother said she will hang herself, father sobbed

Pimp from Belgrade (32) speaks openly about his job: I am helping the women working for me, even though they are not even trying

Shocking confession of prostitute from Novi Sad: They are dragging my hair, slapping, kicking and i have to endure it

Girl from Kragujevac slept with all men in the village: It is unreal what she takes for compensation instead of money!

We went to Banksy & Warhol exhibition in Amsterdam: This is a feast for the eyes and soul (PHOTO)

Confession of a guy who took the last train from Belgrade to Moscow: I was there with prostitutes and crazy people, Ukrainians almost arrested me

THIS WAS THE CAPITAL OF PROSTITUTION IN YUGOSLAVIA: Pimp Zlatko discovered the secret of the city rarely anyone talked about

CONFESSION OF CROATIAN PROSTITUTE: Policemen blackmail me - to give them a free service or go to jail

I HAVE NO INTENTION OF APOLOGIZING: Murderer who SMASHED the prostitute's HEAD has no shred of remorse

CONFESSION OF BELGRADE PROSTITUTE: Boyfriend got me into it, my parents denounced me, I'VE HIT ROCK BOTTOM!

I came to Belgrade to university, and i got myself into elite prostitution and I LIKED IT!

ORAL SEX COSTS LIKE TWO PACKS OF CIGARETTES: The youngest Belgrade prostitute is not even 14 YEARS OLD! (VIDEO)

SHE HAD SEX WITH 1.000 MEN: Confession of a Croatian prostitute!

A MONSTROUS CASE OF RAPING AND VIOLENCE IN VALJEVO: Four girls were kept, raped, and forced to prostitute!

POLICE OFFICER TOOK DOWN PROSTITUTES, BUT NOT TO THE STATION: Instead of arresting "the pimp", he ordered two girls!

SERBIAN GIRLS ORGY ON A YACHT: Kung fu master is the chief organizer of ELITE PROSTITUTION on the Adriatic!