IT'S TIME FOR MEDAL: Ivana is chasing for gold in London, bookmakers have declared her a favorite (PHOTO)

The best Serbian athlete is going out to the track at 20:10

It's time for Serbia's first medal on World Athletic championship in London!

Spanovic: Everything was as planned (PHOTO)

The best Serbian athlete will try to jump to the winning stand tonight from 20:10 and let's hope it is reserved for the winners of the gold medal.

She secured her place in the finals on Wednesday with only one jump in qualifications (6.62), and she will probably have to go over seven meters if she wants the medal.

A jump of 7,15m will be required for the gold medal. We didn't have that jump yet in the summer season, but we did in winter and all the indicators show that she is prepared to jump over seven meters. How much will that actually depend on the circumstances, the weather conditions, the competition and motivation of all the jumpers. The motivation is not a problem for Ivanasaid Goran Obradovic, Ivana's coach, recently for Zurnal.

Foto: Profimedia/Press Association

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Tianna Bartoletta and Brittney Reese are the two most serious competitors with Ivana for gold and the three will probably share the medals.

As far as bookmakers are concerned, Ivana is the favorite! The odds on Serbian to win is 2.75 and on Bartoletta and Reese 3.00, Klishina is next with 12.

Mihail Dudas will also participate in the battlefield of the decathlon.


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