You won't believe what balding men are ready to do just to hide their hair loss! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Although it is known that balding men are more manly than those who have wild hair in their middle age, it is not easy for them to cope with hair loss. Many of them are ready to do anything just to get their hair back, even to take extreme measures

Foto: Vinci Hair Clinic

Hair loss is a common aesthetic problem that afflicts men in their mature years. Because of this, many of them are ready to spend a fortune on expensive creams and treatments, which usually do not give results, so that they don’t become bald.

Although  the most effective thing to do is come to terms with your fate and shave your head, there are those who still don’t want to be bald.

The solution that has been very popular in recent years is hair tattooing, or dying hair follicles with the procedure Micro Scalp Pigmentation.

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Foto: Vinci Hair Clinic

Foto: Vinci Hair Clinic

This procedure gives the illusion that men have very short hair, almost shaved hair,and the prices range from two and a half to four thousand euros, which is cheaper than hair transplants – which goes up to ten thousand euros.

Staff at Vinci Hair Clinic in United Kingdom say that hair tattoo is a good idea for those who suffer from alopecia or male pattern baldness.

As opposed to transplantation that requires proper donor site, with tattooing there is no need for anesthesia and there are no side effects of the surgery.

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