Teme: surgery

30 experts watched the saving of Dea's arm, everything will be known tomorrow around 12 o'clock

Confession of Tamara who received a heart of a little girl who died from ecstasy: This wonderful heart is growing stronger in me. Know that I will take good care of it, little angel

Vice President of the Assembly of Serbia had a serious car crash: He was rushed for surgery

A Serb girl is munching 15 jars of Nutella a month because "she wants to have the biggest booty in the world" (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Spanish Miss is being rescued by Serbian doctors, she is fighting an important battle: The best team of surgeons will try to save her leg

Serbs in the top list in the size of the tumors: We carry up to 30 kilos of cancer in our stomachs (VIDEO)

18 kilograms heavy and half a meter long killer tumor taken out from the stomach of a woman at the Military Medical Academy: Serbian surgeons performed the impossible (PHOTO)

Miodrag (7) took a doctor by the hand and he told us: "Wait here, I'll be back". What if he has seen our faces for the last time? (PHOTO)

Stefan (20) has been fighting for his life for 2 years: He has leukemia and he is in great pain, he needs our help to defeat this dangerous sickness (PHOTO)

Gunfire in Pancevo: MMA fighter was shot, the entire city is under siege (PHOTO)

Djokovic honestly for Telegraf: What is missing in his game, how important Vajda is and will there be Nole the Champion again!

Djokovic admitted his mistake: I should've had a surgery right away

I shouldn't be here! When you see how sad Novak was at the conference, you will understand that he made a huge mistake (VIDEO)

Brave Tatjana from Niksic amazed Montenegro and Balkans: She donated her kidney to the 20 years younger neighbor, thus saving his life (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Djokovic decided to do something he has been avoiding for a long time: Is he going for a surgery? (PHOTO)

Danijel from Kraljevo saved four other lives after his tragic death: The gesture of his family is a real act of heroism

THREE paths before Novak Djokovic. It will be very hard whatever he chooses! (VIDEO)

THE MOST IMPORTANT SERBIAN BUILDING: 250 people fight for their lives every day in it, and doctors save another 750: Emergency center is celebrating its 30th birthday

A baby was infected with HIV during surgery: The child is 15 years old today and the parents told him that he is suffering from a terrible virus

He remained disabled after an accident but, he continued to live: This brave young man from Macedonia is still jumping from planes, he skis and swims. Nothing is impossible for him (PHOTO)

Croat got a vibrator stuck in his anus, it was vibrating the entire day: His wife called for a doctor, and they were speechless when they heard the entire story!

A world-class feat of Croatian doctors: They saved the legs of a Russian girl with brittle bones, they performed one of the most complex orthopedic surgeries

Sandra was on the brink of death, and now she conquers mountaintops: This brave girl is a real example that miracles are very much possible!

MIRACLE IN SERBIA: Doctors started the surgery on her appendix, but when they made the cut, they saw the WORLD PHENOMENON!

A brutal video of a wounding of a police officer in Novi Pazar: They were sitting only a few meters away, and no one helped him.

Maja is the mother of courage: She had a very difficult pregnancy, her incredible story has TWO happy endings (VIDEO)

Little Vuk could wake up any minute from many years in coma: His mother revealed the latest details of the fight for boy's life

Teens in Serbia are increasingly going to this surgery, the phenomenon is massive!

Details of the murder in Nis: Sicilian liquidation on Vespa, a search is underway (PHOTO)

Do you remember Dana Vulin who was mutilated by a jealous woman with acid? She is completely different after five years... and she kissed again (PHOTO) (VIDEO)