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ISIS CALLS ON THE MASSACRE OF SERBS AND BOSNIANS: poison them, trample them and kill them with explosives!

- Therefore, Muslim brothers, return to your faith, return to jihad. Recall the mujahids that came to your defense in the 90s, to defend your lives, possessions, your honor - said the terrorists of the "Islamic state"

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In a video message published by the Islamist portal in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of the members of the Islamic state called on his compatriots to "migrate to the land of Islam, and those who can not, let them fight in Bosnia, Serbia ".


I WAS RECRUITED BY ISIS AND AL QAEDA: The confession of Muhedin Gegic, a refugee from the war of hell in Yemen!


- Put explosives under their car, in front of their house, get some poison and put it in their drink, in their food, let them die of poison, kill them in every place you get the chance to - in Bosnia, Serbia, Sandzak. You can do it, and Allah will help you - he says.


Montenegrins are leading the slaughter of jihadists: Brothers from Plava, commanders of the Islamic state!


- Anyone who emigrates in the path of Allah will find much good. We want to get our people, albeit willingly, with a nice speech or with force out of the darkness and into the light - said one of the terrorists.


He stated that his many compatriots in BiH complain that they can not wear a beard, the niqab, that they are living with difficulty, and invites them to "do the Hegira, to move and to fight in Allah's path with their wealth and lives. "


Foto_ Wikimedia/Islamic State, Google Maps

Foto_ Wikimedia/Islamic State, Google Maps


In the video message, one of them, originally from BiH said that the West is led by America and Christian Europe will never be satisfied until all Muslims convert to their faith.


CHILDREN FROM BOSNIA FIGHTING FOR THE ISLAMIC STATE: They learn to pray beside automatic weapons and terrorist flags!


The Special Envoy of the President of the United States in the global coalition against ISIS , General John Allen talked today in Pristina with President Atifete Jahjaga, Prime Minister Isa Mustafa and Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci on improving cooperation in the fight against ISIS, said the US Embassy in Pristina.


JIHADISTS ARE THREATENING SERBIA! Once a Serb village, TERRORISTS OF THE ISLAMIC STATE have turned it into their camp, two hours away from Belgrade!


- Therefore, Muslim brothers, return to your faith, return to jihad. Recall the mujahids that came to your defense in the 90s, to defend your lives, possessions, your honor. And how did that country repay them? Now you have the opportunity to give back, to stand up as a nation. You can run them over and  put them under your boot - said one of the terrorists "of the Islamic state."

Printskrin: Youtube/News of the World


Printskrin: Youtube/News of the World


He stated that it is his "honor and pride" to present himself as "a slave of Allah from the Balkan region".


(Telegraf.co.uk / mondo.ba)

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  • William0918

    July 18, 2015 | 01:08

    Well, the Serbian army isn't a pushover, so this wouldn't happen.


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