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TESLOMANIA BEGINS: Here's how to get 5,000 dinars TODAY to buy this smartphone! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

First sales of the first ever Tesla smartphone is scheduled for Friday, July 24, and Comtrade will for its first 100 customers today, July 23 at 6 pm, that come to Comtrade (7 Savski Nasip Ulica) in New Belgrade, give out a voucher which will provide a discount of 5,000 dinars

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On the occasion of the world premiere of the first ever Tesla smartphone on July 24, Comtrade will enable the first customers to receive a cheaper price gain of the device. The first 100 customers who show up today, July 23 at 6 pm at Comtrade Building (7 Savski Nasip Street) in New Belgrade, will receive a voucher with a discount of 5,000 for the purchase of the Tesla Smartphone 6.
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Even if you come, and are not in the top 100, promotional activities will be available to all guests in which they will have an opportunity to receive this remarkable phone for free.
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Have a look at the FIRST PICTURES of the TESLA smartphone! (PHOTO)
Tesla Smartphone 6 is a phone with an Android operating system, and what makes this model stand out from the competition, in addition to the quality of course, is also a very affordable price, which is characteristic of all Tesla devices. The first Tesla smartphone will cost 24,990 dinars.
Here's how much the Tesla phone costs! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)
Foto: Promo

Foto: Promo

According to Marketing Director of Comtrade, Ljubomir Ristic, brand Tesla was created on the model of the vision of Nikola Tesla who dreamed that the benefits of technological progress be available to all. Ristic also said that the premium characteristics of the Tesla Smartphone 6 is at least a class above its price.
Foto: Milena Đorđević

Foto: Milena Đorđević

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