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SERBIAN CHURCH DECIMATED, HOLLY THRONE DESTROYED: After the armed attack on Serbs, another incident on Kosovo

On the remains of the ST Archangel Michael and Gabriel church which was mined, they saw rocks and branches, and allegedly decimated and broken holly throne

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Serbs, on who the unknown persons committed armed assault by firing from an automatic riffle, while cleaning the monastery in village Binca, Vitina municality, preparing for festival St Archangel Gabriel, returned yesterday to finish up the cleaning of the monastery and the remains of the whole monastery complex which was decimated by Albanian extremists, set on fire, and then mined in 1999. 


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On the remains of the ST Archangel Michael and Gabriel church which was mined, they saw rocks and branches, and allegedly decimated and broken holly throne.


The case was reported to the police, who went on the crime scene together with Serbs and the local priest. 


After the armed assault on more than 20 Serbs, Kosovo police insisted that Serbs should give a statements, which they did.


In the conversation with Telegraf, Serbs said that police treated them correctly, but that there were comments that it was about a shooting heard from a local wedding.


Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf


Even though the Serbs were told that the public prosecutor with start the investigation, they found out that there are no valid charges to start the investigation because of lack of evidences and the witness statements from the locals claim that they heard no shooting. 


This monastery is known to people as Binca monastery - Binac dates from 14th century and it was a center for local priesthood in the time of the Byzantine Emperor Vasilij II.


In the time of Brankovic rule in 15th century the monastery was abandoned. It was restored in 16th century, over the existing frescos, the other layer was done with the unique representation of Archbishop.


Foto: Wikipedia/Dilic

Foto: Wikipedia/Dilic


In the second half of the 19th century, 1867, Albanians slaughtered the priest, after what the monastery was abandoned again. 


At the start of 20th century, the monastery was restored and it was active until NATO mission arrived to Kosovo - and then the sisterhood had to leave again for safety reasons.


Albanian extremists at first robbed and decimated the monastery, and after the retreat of American forces, they burned the interior of the monastery, and on the day of church holiday, it was mined and completely destroyed.


At the same time chapels St Petka, St Archidjakon Stefan and St Nikola were destroyed or decimated. 


Since 1963, the monastery was enlisted into a register of cultural monuments of Serbia.


(Telegraf.co.uk / S.Simic)

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