CROATIAN PRODUCTION CRIES: There is no one to pick tangerines for pay over 500 euros!

The people growing the fruits claim that biggest problem in the past few years is that more than 100.000 able-bodied people moved out of Croatia, and whole families are leaving

The average wage is over 520 euros, transportation and hot meal are quarantined. And in the valley of the Neretva river there is no one that would go to the field to pick tangerines.

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People from the "AgroFructus" company, one of the biggest manufacturers in Croatia complained, and they have purchasing center in Opuzen.

- We can not find the workers that will pick up the record crops and prepare it for the market - said Denis Matijevic, president of the AgroFructus group.

He points out that they are lacking at least 150 seasonal workers, and they are not isolated case.

Matijevic sees that the greatest problem in the past few years is that more than 100.000 able-bodied people moved out of Croatia, and whole families are leaving.

He considers it absurd that the state of the whole agricultural sector has approved the import of only 20 workers this year. Matijevic said that it doesn't allow them to fully exploit their crops, and the chance for prosperity is diminished with that.

Our problem with the lack of manpower for picking tangerines appears periodically. Five years ago there was no one to pick tangerines.

Foto: shakhtar.com

Foto: shakhtar.com

In recent years, the tangerines went to waste because of sanctions against Russia, so the people growing them, shared them. But agriculture is not the only one in which after season misses the workforce even though Croatia has 215,000 unemployed on the bureau.

"Brodotrogir" sent an announcement where they say they are hundreds of workers short in deficit occupations like ship fitter, welders... They signed a competition where they ask for workers, and the are ready to pay for over qualifications and training.

Foto: Telegraf

Foto: Telegraf

- We have full list of orders, and we are missing workers - said from "Brodotrogir", which was taken over Darko Koncar.

Business journal published that other companies have problems with workers even though they raised wages, which now 800 to 1200 euros in deficit occupations. They point out in  "AgroFructus" that there will be a record harvest of tangerines and there are 90.000 tons that needs to be collected.

(Telegraf.co.uk / source: 24sata.hr)


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