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THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT ARAB INVASION ON BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Discovered what are they really doing in this region

In the area of Herzegovina, Mostar in particular, this year has been seen a large number of tourists from Arab countries, which was not the practice in previous years

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Representatives of real estate agencies representing Arabs are recently visiting villages in Herzegovina (BiH), and are currently most interested in the area of Konjic.

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In fact, a real estate agent contacted a number of people from one of the equestrian village that was inhabited predominantly Croatian population before the war, and is now abandoned and asked for the sale of houses and land in the whole village for buyers from Arab countries.

Dnevni list newspaper wrote about how buyers from the Arab countries world want to come into the possession of land in Herzegovina, and one agency from Sarajevo asked for large tracts of land in Herzegovina for the company from the United Arab Emirates, but they offered a miserable price.

It was announced that the new owner of Mostar "HEPOK" has become the company that invests in agriculture, "Agriculture Zera Investments" Ltd. Sarajevo backed with investors from Dubai.

Foto: mojahercegovina.com

Foto: mojahercegovina.com

"Hepok" is the owner of the vineyard which has cultivated in the past period about 550 hectares, of which Zeljusa vineyard is known as the largest vineyard in BiH, and they are expanding, with around 400 hectares of new plantations, and Kosor vineyard near the village Blagaj, with the total an area of 100 hectares.

There is information that investors are interested in the purchase of some other companies in the area of Mostar.

Until now, there were cases that the Arabs buying real estate on the territory of Bosnia.

They bought entire abandoned Serbian villages in Sarajevo, Ilijas, Tarcin, Breze, Pazarici, Trnovo ... They bought mainly Serbian land in the Federation, so the Sarajevo suburb of Ilidza became fully Arab village, a recently purchased and even famous resort Vrelo Bosnia.

In addition to the Sarajevo hotel "Bristol" restored with Arab money, the shopping center BBI has been built in Sarajevo city center, in the municipality of Hadzici residential area of Sarajevo Osenik resort on the site has been opened for tourists, which covers 160,000 square meters, with an artificial lake on 12,000 square meters around which 160 facilities are deployed, covered pools, a hotel, sports facilities, supermarket and other outbuildings.

Printskrin: Youtube/RTRS vijesti

Printskrin: Youtube/RTRS vijesti

In the area of Trnovo, Arab investors are building tourist city "Buroj Ozone" whose initial investment is worth about a billion dollars.

"Buroj Ozone" will be built on an area of about 137 hectares. The project envisages the construction of commercial, residential, recreational, sports and cultural character, including horticulture and facilities of public utility and social infrastructure. The total investment planned with urban development plan is estimated at about 4.5 billion KM, which is by far the largest single foreign investment in the region.

For a stranger in to buy property in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he needs to have a registered company, based on which receives his stay.

A few months ago SIPA controlled around 108 enterprises owned by foreigners, including 71 persons from Kuwait were the owner of the company and 13 from Libya, 12 from the United Arab Emirates, 10 from Syria and two from Qatar. A lot of fictitious companies are found among them, and some persons did not enter BiH but the mandated some of the citizens in BiH to buy properties in the name of their companies.

Foto: Wikipedia/Mhare

Foto: Wikipedia/Mhare

In the area of Herzegovina, Mostar in particular, this year has been seen a large number of tourists from Arab countries, which was not the practice in previous years.

Director of the Tourist Agency HNC Andrija Kresic says that there are no precise figures on the number of tourists as hotels simply do not report they, but the number that is listed have not been recorded by countries.

"The tourists from the Arab country are all over the entire county and there are more and more especially in the area of Mostar and Konjic Blagaja" said Kresic.

He thinks that this is not a religious tourism, but that they are interested in this area. He also states that the Tourist Board did not carry out any promotion in the Arab countries.

"We are fighting for every tourist. We are fighting for quality tourists, but I do not know what kind of tourists are they. I can not say if there is any effect at this moment, because I do not have information" said Kresic.

The public in Mostar is divided over this issue, as some claim that visit are good for tourism development, while others are concerned about the massive number of Arabs and fear fir  safety and hidden agendas such as buying real estate in BiH.

Posters appeared these days around Mostar appeared with the crossed out pictures of women with burqa and the words "fuck off". It is not known who placed the posters.

Mostar portals released footage this year of two women who perform the religious rite of adoration in the middle of the shopping center "Mepas" in Mostar, which left the visitors in shock.

In the area of Herzegovina incidents for the same phenomena have been reported of local residents with tourists from the Arab world.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Hercegovina.info)


  • Alaa

    Bosnia is not a rich country, Arab investors are invested in many countries, they want to help the country because they are believing bosnians are brothers in religion. That is why Arabs investments in Turkey is so huge and that gives Turkish economy a boost to grow fast. I'm an Arab and i rather invest in Bosnia, Turkey and Albania then to Western Europe. But if the people of Bosnia don't want our help so be it We can invest in Western Europe and get 5x times profit than to Balkan.

  • MikeD

    Investments sound nice. But do we all really know what intentions the investors really have? In fifty years from now, you'll see a small Saudi Arabia (Bosnia), a small China (Serbia), a small Germany (Croatia) and barely any of our own identity anymore. Countries are taking advantage of the Balkans and discretely laying the foundations for their own stamp on the region.

  • Dj

    Velcom et Bosnie Saudie Arabie!!!!

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