Veselin Jevrosimovic named the best businessmen in the region: Prestigious award "Captain Misa Anastasijevic" presented at BU Rectorate (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Comtrade Group launches standalone travel and mobility division ‘Voyego’

She is selflessly fighting for patients who are sick with rare diseases: There are around 500.000 of them in Serbia alone and the incorrect diagnosis is the burning issue

Serb was fired on Malta because he spoke Serbian on the job, and he returned and murdered his boss: He laughed to the family of the victim on the trial

Serbia is making a property list in Croatia worth 1.8 billion euros

Brnabic with the New York Stock Exchange president, the first woman in that position: Serbia is open to business (PHOTO)

They stole 50 million dinars from Serbia: 15 people arrested for money laundering

After criticism due to the video in Jasenovac, the company for the glasses apologized: They only wanted to show respect for architecture

The first in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the seventh in the Balkans: This is officially the richest Bosanac, a humane person who is appreciated by everybody

He played handball for the junior national team, and he left Serbia after the bombing and discovered the drug for cancer: Scientist Vladimir Cmiljanovic for Telegraf

Croatian company director lends money to workers so they could repay debts: He didn't want them to go to work abroad (VIDEO)

Croatia is shaken by the "Hotmail" scandal: Minister of Economy deliberately deceived the public about the situation in Agrokor (VIDEO)

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