SUPER GRANNY FROM VRACAR: Retired lady ran 68 kilometers on Kalemegdan!

Another endeavor of the retired teacher

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The news that grandma ran a marathon was sensational on its own, but the feat of the 80 year old woman from Belgrade can be put in the column "believe it or not"! The retired teacher Angelina Andelic participated in half-marathon that lasted 24 hours!

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Belgrade ultramarathon started on Saturday afternoon on lower Kalemegdan, and the greatest star of the race was grandma who ran 68 kilometers in 24 hours (58 laps).

- I feel great. I spent a lot of energy but kilometers I passed are the great success for me - said Angelina after the amazing feat.

This super granny started running when she was 55 years old, but that did not stop her from marking thousands of ran kilometers and win 35 trophies. The retired teacher ran 17 ultramarathons and during one she ran 111 kilometers.

Twentieth in a row, Belgrade ultramarathon of self-transcendence, was finished on Sunday, with the goal to run as mush kilometers as they can. There were 80 participants from 10 countries. Competitors had the opportunity to run six, 12 or 24 hours, with the possibility to rest in the tents placed along the track.

In the relay for 24 hours Jovica Spajic, Sasa Nikolic Darko Veskovic and Jovan Djakovic have broken the record for one day crossing 255 kilometers.

Belgrade marathon were marked by humanitarian actions of the participants. Borislav Bucan dedicated every passed kilometer to Teodora Milic, who is sick with leukemia, while Dragan Podunavac, in the race on six hours, pushed in wheelchair Vuk Mileusnic, to get the public attention on the position of persons with disability.



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