Teme: Belgrade

Andrej took the spray into his hands and painted two buildings in Belgrade, the result can be seen from afar (PHOTO)

The unusual confession in the center of Belgrade: Husband doesn't know that I brought our daughter to the Pride (PHOTO)

Agreement on the construction of the National Stadium with 60.000 places: The locations have been presented to UEFA designers! (PHOTO)

Writers from the 33 countries on the Belgrade International Meetings of Writers

Bogdan caused delirium, Muta showed muscles, Sale said: I am now the proudest Serb in the world! (VIDEO)

The craziest video from the Pride in Belgrade: The atmosphere like in San Francisco (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Cataclysm in Belgrade: Hurricane ripped out trees, power lines, tiles from the roofs (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The history is being made today: First flight on the direct line Belgrade - Beijing

Perhaps we are the Gods of basketball because of this: How was the basketball played in occupied Belgrade (VIDEO)

Details of the horror on Boulevard: She murdered her boyfriend and his dog, and watched the investigation from the street

They wanted to leave Kosovo: Two bus departures from Pristina to Belgrade canceled

Wounded actress saved herself from certain death with incredible move: Surgeon shot her in the head, and Ivana reacted in a second

Ivana wanted to leave the surgeon, but he didn't allow it: The agony lasted for too long, and then the actress nearly avoided death!

An actress was seriously wounded in a terrible shooting in Belgrade! Her partner shot her in the head, she was urgently transported to Military Medical Academy! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The Balkan Nostradamus guessed all the goals in the game Serbia-Moldavia, then he went to casino and made 900 euros: Slovenian became a hit in Belgrade (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

THE WEST THREATENS US: They give us 18 months to accept Kosovo, otherwise we will be retaliated

The most beautiful banker who studied in Belgrade: Nina has the longest line in front of the counter, she receives love messages along with loan requests (PHOTO)

Who is a tough guy, "Bentley" driver, who smashed into the car with president Vucic? (PHOTO)

Alexandra tried to convince all women around the world with her books that their "Mr. Perfect" exists, and Belgrade won't forget her for that (PHOTO)

How to become HIM: His photos are made during night and they leave no one feeling indifferent (PHOTO)

Boys in Serbia are playing a dangerous challenge: They climb a moving tram, they could get themselves killed! (PHOTO)

Arnaud Gouillon started a chain of humanity in Serbia: Belgrade taxi driver showed a big heart when the Frenchman entered the car

Zeljko Mitrovic is bringing in a baby in "Zadruga" reality show!

They set up a bomb in Belgrade, twice in the same place in August: Leaked video of an attempt of terrorist attack (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Cheering, torches, lost shoes and fire on the stands: These are the best moments of 155th Eternal derby! (VIDEO)

A story of a taxi driver from Belgrade: I borrowed 1.000 euros to the neighbor in the middle of the night, and I have a baby. 7 days later, someone rang at the door!

The most beautiful photo of the Church of St Sava: As if the angels themselves came down to the dome (PHOTO)

Vucic said to the Croatian boy: Cheer for Red Star or Partizan, not for small clubs like Rijeka, Hajduk and Dinamo (VIDEO)

Drummer Marko Djordjevic teaches at Berkeley, lives in New York and is one of the best jazz musicians in the world (PHOTO)

Red Star fans broke the record: 1226 units of blood in two days!