Teme: Belgrade

Frozen conflict, status quo, and horror without end: Does Serbia need the society of Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia?

Was he supposed to kill someone? A rich kid didn't care about the ticket, he got into his "Lamborghini" and he drove 175 km/h on a bridge (VIDEO)

Thaci continues to charge for the south of Serbia: He invites for unification around joining of "Presevo Valley"

What is Russia's position on the demarcation: Putin's Masha sent a clear message to Belgrade (PHOTO)

We are afraid of the mosquitoes that transmit the virus of the Western Nile, and we do not know that birds are a serious danger: The number of sick and deceased people is increasing, and the worst is yet to come

A plan of Angela Merkel for Kosovo: Community of Serb Municipalities, plus recognition of current state and the grand final in 20 years

There is little chance of a final agreement with Belgrade: Thaci for merging of the "Presevo Valley" to Kosovo

Belgrade is now the most intelligent city in the world: More than 500 members of Mensa with the IQ over 130 gathered in the Serbian capital

Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic buried: "Hills nowhere, everything is flat", after the shocking speech, the painful words of the widow still echo (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A terrible fire in Zemun: Thick smoke rises from the burning factory, the police and firefighters are still at the scene

Misa, the heavenly court is yours: Colleagues, friends, and family are saying farewell to the murdered lawyer Dragoslav Ognjanovic

Murdered lawyer Dragoslav Misa Ognjanovic was married to the most beautiful Serbian (PHOTO)

The Albanians have 120 hours to complete the request: What will happen on Saturday?

People of Belgrade broke a record: In less than 24 hours more than 1.500 called for an Ambulance

Chinese are arriving in Belgrade: Hot movie summer continues in the capital

The division of Kosovo means war, anyone who speaks about it will bring a tragedy to the Balkans: A terrible warning by Haradinaj after the round of negotiations in Brussels

Vucic and Thaci are starting a new round of negotiations in Brussels: Pristina delegation arrived in unexpectedly expanded composition

Murderer from Malta was arrested for robbery in Serbia: His friend told on him to the police and he revealed a real truth about him (PHOTO)

My son asked me to buy him a Croatian flag, I did not know what to say to him: The status of this man from Belgrade is the center of attention on Facebook

Belgrade Waterfront is waiting for its first tenants: Take a peek at the interior of one of the most luxurious buildings in the capital (PHOTO)

"I just reached for the knife. I am so sorry, I still love him very much": This is what transvestite Goran said at the hearing for the murder of Marko Radovic

"My son loved Marko, and he used to beat him up and cheat on him": Mother of a transvestite, Goran, claims that he killed him by accident, out of despair

Serbia will have an access point to the sea: Dacic is asking for an island, and he received an incredible offer (PHOTO)

There are 23.238 millionaires in Serbia, and most of them are managers, directors, and engineers (A LIST BY THE CITIES)

Unbreakable Slavisa has the most dangerous profession: He survived an explosion, crashes, cars rolling over, even a 60-meter drop (PHOTO)

A man from Belgrade was caught with 14.7 blood alcohol level: He broke the world record, no one knows how he survived, and it was all because of a woman

18 kilograms heavy and half a meter long killer tumor taken out from the stomach of a woman at the Military Medical Academy: Serbian surgeons performed the impossible (PHOTO)

They have blown a BMW in front of us, movie scene in the middle of Belgrade: He was racing 100km/h and it flew up to the sky, followed with a big bang (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

We took a peek into the set of an Indian movie: Bridge on Ada became a Bollywood scene and a black "Porsche" was racing while the drone followed it (VIDEO)

95 percent of the Serbs on Kosovo fear for their lives!