Teme: Belgrade

A Serb wanted to destroy Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez ... he was preparing to attack the Royal Family: All about the actions of the right hand of "The Dark Overlord"

Panic in Belgrade: "Inex" building evacuated because of the bomb warning

Regrouping before the final battle for Kosovo: Vucic in Kremlin, Quint in Washington

They are deciding about the destiny of Serbia in Washington: Representatives of 5 most powerful western countries discuss the final phase of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

Center of Belgrade completely blocked: Taxi drivers created a total chaos, you can't go anywhere, general collapse (PHOTOS AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

The danger is lurking with every step: The attacks are coming from the sky - everybody passing through here are in danger

Will Croatia withdraw its ambassador from Belgrade: This is the decision from Zagreb

They asked Novak if he is suffering from orthorexia, he began to wonder, and then he smiled, then he gave the best possible answer! (VIDEO)

Two ambassadors remained in Belgrade while the bombs were falling on Serbia in 1999: This is a confession of one of them

Djokovic performed a great trick during his training in Belgrade (VIDEO)

Two new conditions in just two days from Pristina for Community of Serb Municipalities: Dacic for a radical response

A couple from Belgrade turned a van into "home-mobile" and they going to Scandinavia: They will live in phenomenal 4.8 square meters in the next few months (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

They are taking down Thaci on Kosovo: Pristina parties don't want him in charge of dialogue with Belgrade

Ivana Trump landed in Belgrade: She is in our country for the first time, and this is where she went straight from the airport (VIDEO)

Dalibor has 1000 sheep and the best farm in Belgrade: You will be left speechless when you see who is his biggest support (VIDEO)

Drama in Belgrade: The owner threatens that he will jump off from the roof of the hotel, and it isn't his first time (PHOTO)

The Serbian Ambassador to Zagreb refused to accept a protest note from Croatia because of Seselj's behavior

The world's largest sports retail chain Decathlon arrives in Serbia (PHOTO)

Gay from Serbia has been living in Croatia for 4 years and is married to a man from Zagreb: I love this country, I have no problems here (PHOTO)

The American professor on Kosovo situation: Serbs should stop dealing with illusions and they should accept reality

He has found a small migrant on the street and created an NBA star out of him: The incredible story arrived in Belgrade! (VIDEO)

They invite people to lynch the Muslims and the defense of Europe from Islamization with the picture of Saint Sava Temple

Belgrade was still asleep, and hundreds of bombers leveled it to the ground: How did Hitler reach a decision to destroy the capital

Aleksandra has left Belgrade and now she lives in a village: She learned to do all of the countryside jobs, and she connected the love for gusle with her husband (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Will Belgrade and Pristina continue the dialogue and what will it look like in the future?

A man threatened that he will activate a bomb in front of the Serbian Parliament (PHOTO, VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

(EXCLUSIVE) Video of the fire in the betting shop Mozzart: He broke the glass, emptied the cannister, and then disappeared within seconds while the fire devoured the shop (VIDEO)

Horror in a shopping mall in Belgrade: Betting shop set on fire, the fire devoured nearby shops (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Uros (18) from Belgrade is going to Gymnasium and he will make every household happy with his invention, and he will send one profession to history (VIDEO)

Putin's Night Wolves landed in Belgrade and - disappeared: We reveal their mysterious mission, here's the entire planned route (MAP)