Teme: Belgrade

THE BRAVEST BABY IN BELGRADE: While grownups faint from fear, he is SCREAMING OUT IN LAUGHTER while his blood is being taken out (VIDEO)

First plane flew from Belgrade towards Zagreb 90 years ago: The first flight of "Air Serbia" changed history (PHOTO)

Serbia is celebrating the Presentation of Jesus: Two important events happened on this day that changed the course of our history

The Statehood Day of Serbia was solemnly marked in Slovenia: Ljubljana is our sincere friend on our European road

Belgrade, place where the basketball was born: Euroleague published the logo of the Final Four! (VIDEO)

Tears and cries have ripped the sky: Sons, parents, wife, more than 20 priests and few thousand people said goodbye to the famous Serbian actor, Nebojsa Glogovac (PHOTO)

The entire former Yugoslavia is crying after Nebojsa Glogovac: All the media in the region reported the sad news about the death of our actor (PHOTO)

Emotional sight in front of the apartment of Nebojsa Glogovac: A sad rose was left at the entrance of the building (PHOTO)

Famous Serbian actor, Nebojsa Glogovac, has passed away

Friends on Facebook are justifying Rasa and they don't believe he killed his father: "He is lovely, he made good parties, let's sent him money to prison"

The legend of Manchester United Nicky Butt greeted the Telegraf readers and the fans of Red Devils in Serbia (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

LATEST NEWS: Airplanes are circling around Serbia, they can't land to Belgrade airport due to the fog

Without an agreement with Pristina, there is no EU: What are our, and what are their RED LINES and how to reach an agreement?

Woman from Belgrade bought KIDNER SURPRISE, and she had a horrible surprise at home (PHOTO)

Tottenham already asked for Erakovic: Red Star sees him as a new Vidic, they predict a transfer greater than Grujic's! (VIDEO)

Horror in New Belgrade: A man sat down on a bench and shot himself

LIFE DRAMA OF THE FAMOUS SERBIAN ACTOR: Nebojsa Glogovac seriously sick, urgently admitted to hospital

Measles spreading more and more and they already reached Montenegro: 14 months old girl got infected

Danijel from Kraljevo saved four other lives after his tragic death: The gesture of his family is a real act of heroism

Belgrade has its own twin brother in a brotherly country: Here's what this is about (PHOTO)

5-word lesson of a lifetime by Patriarch Pavle: They warned him not to take the public bus in the middle of summer, and he said the greatest thing ever!

A movie-like scene on Zemun: The driver of "Alfa Romeo" wanted to go to the tanning with his car? (PHOTO)

Movie like kidnapping in the middle of Serbia with the epilogue of the best action movie: Kidnappers were arrested

Doctor Dzodic claims: Cancer risk can be reduced by 30 percent, and here's how

OLIVER IVANOVIC BURIED: Tears and cries of thousands of people tore the sky over New cemetery! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

I won't set foot there any longer, we are done with the city of fear, darkness, and pain: Milena Ivanovic said that she is not returning to Kosovo (VIDEO)

Brother Miroslav reveals to Telegraf why Oliver Ivanovic will be buried in Belgrade, and not on Kosovo (VIDEO)

Death in the bastion of the Balkan mafia, Mitrovica is a black hole: How the Germans are writing about the murder of Oliver Ivanovic (PHOTO)

INCONSOLABLE ENDLESS PROCESSION: The coffin with Oliver's body leaving Kosovska Mitrovica

Vucic aborts negotiations, he is returning from Brussels: An urgent session of the National Security Council was scheduled over the murder of Ivanovic