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When monks heard him in the monastery, they were speechless!

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- Holy Mother of God, give me health - were the first words of 18-year-old mute boy from Strumica, on the south of Macedonia, spoken in front of the icon of the Virgin Mary in Dohiari monastery on Mount Athos.
The incredible number has been announced needed to complete the Temple of Saint Sava

Referring to the "Svetogorska secanja", the media in Greece and Macedonia transfers the testimony of a monk who was present at the monastery, where at the beginning of this month, a miracle happened.
He said that the young man from Strumica ten days ago came to the Mount Athos with his family to worship and pray before the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary called Gorgoepikos. Or in other words: the Virgin who listens and quickly solves the problems of believers who pray to her.
- When the young man arrived at the monastery and found himself before an icon of the Virgin Mary, though he never spoke in his life, suddenly in his mother tongue he exclaimed: "Mother of God, give me health" - writes portal specialized in ecclesiastical conscience.
When they heard this, they were speechless with wonder. Prayer was continued, and as soon as it is finished, the young man from Strumica addressed the audience, who prayed with him, and said, "Thank you, i already feel very well."
Monks from one orthodox temple in Strumica confirmed the story for the Skopje Television 5 that it is really a miraculous event.

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