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Counting is coming to an end, after 78 percent of votes counted, Vucic closer to victory


Turnout was lower than in the 2012 elections

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According to preliminary results, albeit unofficial, Aleksandar Vucic has a convincing lead. 

Vucic with Putin in Moscow, economic cooperation in focus

21:40 Things are not changing - IPSOS he accounted for 77.4 percent of votes: Vucic has 55.2%, Jankovic 16.1%, 9.4% Maksimovic, Jeremic 5.7%, 4.4% Seselj. This graphics is in favor to that information, Serbia votes (red color marks the area where Vucic had the best result):

Vucic's brutal domination: Turnabout is no longer possible, Serbia gets a new president!

Printskrin: izbori.live

Printskrin: izbori.live

21:35 Aleksandar Vucic will officially address the reporters around 22:15.

21:30 According to preliminary data of CeSID, based on 58 percent of the treated sample, the candidate of the ruling coalition Aleksandar Vucic won 57 percent of the vote. In second place was Sasa Jankovic with 14.5 percent, followed by Luka Maksimovic - Beli Preletacevic 9.2 percent, followed by Vuk Jeremic, from 5.6 percent. According to previous information, four candidates took five percent of voter support. They said from CeSID that it is not a final projections.

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

21:20 Counting is coming to an end. Results of IPSOS percent based on the 70.7 of processed sample: Alexander Vucic 55.2 percent, Sasa Jankovic 16, Luka Maksimovic 9.3, 5.8 Jeremic, Vojislav Seselj 4,4, 2,3 Obradović, Radulovic 1, 4, Stamatovic 1.3, Canak 1,2, 1,2 Popovic, Parovic 0.3.

21:07 On the basis of 65.4 percent of the processed data, Vucic has 55.4 percent, 15.8 Jankovic, Maksimovic 9.4, 5.8 Jeremic, Seselj 5.4.

21:00 "We are better than you think," said Aleksandar Vucic in the SNS headquarters.

- I want to believe that no one will think about destabilizing Serbia and to do what they promised in their election campaign.

20:55 According to CeSID, based on a third of polling stations processed Vucic won 61.7 percent of the votes. This is a sample of 33.7 percent of polling stations processed: Sasa Jankovic got 12 percent and Luka Maksimovic 7.4. The following Vuk Jeremić (5.8), Vojislav Seselj (4.5), Bosko Obradović (2.1), Nenad Canak (1.6), Milan Stamatović (0.9), Sasa Radulovic (0.8), Aleksandar Popović (0.7) and Miroslav Parovic (0.3).

20:40 IPSOS agrees that Vucic has the lead. Based on 37.6 percent of the treated sample, Aleksandar Vucic has 58.5 percent, Sasa Jankovic 13.4, Luka Maksimovic 9.5, Vuk Jeremic, 5.3, 4.4 Vojislav Seselj.

Foto: Marko Todorović

Foto: Marko Todorović

20:30 After the first results, with a 0.2 percent processed locations, Aleksandar Vucic received most votes - 86.5%. The following are Sasa Jankovic, Vuk Jeremic, Luka Maksimovic ... These are the polling stations with a small number of voters.

20:00 Polling stations are closed, results are expected soon.

19:05 49.8 percent of voters went to the pooling places till 18:00. In comparison with 2012 it is 3.8 percent lower (53.6 came out then).

19:00 RIK announced that 46.23 percent of the voters went out to the pooling stations.



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