Teme: Citizens

Montenegro has 64 millionaires: This is how much money the richest citizen has

Half a million Montenegrins live outside of the state, more than 40.000 in Serbia

"PUKNI ZORO" WAS HEARD THROUGHOUT BANJA LUKA: Soldiers and police officers sang with people as one on their day (VIDEO)

National anthems of Republika Srpska and Serbia sounded in Banja Luka: People sang together with children, the flags were waving (VIDEO)

Serbs in America celebrated a "fiery" Christmas, they were shooting in every direction: Shots from shotguns, pistols and other firearms flew through the air (VIDEO)

Chicago is no longer a Serbian city: More and more people are avoiding to call themselves Serbs

Wild Boar is chasing people in Novi Sad: Chaos on the streets, people in panic, the video has traveled around the region! (VIDEO)

The king of Instagram dominated again: Pahor is going to round two with Sarec and he has twice as many votes

THE FAILURE OF CROATIA: People are massively fleeing from the country, the number of citizens is reducing, people are without jobs

Fifth earthquake in just two days: a 2.8-degree earthquake hit Rijeka

First speech of Aleksandar Vucic as a president: We told the truth and started to change it, both it and ourselves!

"Serbian city" on the Adriatic coast that is slowly disappearing: Alarming information about one of the largest centers in Croatia (PHOTO)

Counting is coming to an end, after 78 percent of votes counted, Vucic closer to victory

NATO APOLOGIZED, BUT...: This is how many Serbs accepted the apology for bombing

Perhaps many Serbian citizens love Russia, but the strategic goal is EU membership

SERBS WOULDN'T GO TO WAR FOR KOSOVO: 73% of surveyed citizens would not take up arms for the southern province

Powerful explosion woke up people in Sarajevo: Chaos on Alipasa polje, two dead, cameras caught tragic moment (VIDEO)

Bosnia, country in Europe people are leaving the most: 43.3% of Bosnia and Herzegovina population left the state

IMPORTANT WARNING: Don't cross frozen Ada, or there could be disaster!

The game of life and death: People from Novi Sad walk across frozen Danube (VIDEO)

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic can disappear. They will destroy it, they are all outraged by what emerges on its rocks (VIDEO)

Vucic congratulated the Day of Republika Srpska

SCANDAL IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Federal Television broadcast a film with scenes of GROUP SEX involving PREGNANT woman (VIDEO)

If today's Croatia is a promoter of European values, i will not share those values

NO ONE EXPECTED THIS: Guys from the restaurant reduced the panic in Belvil with this wonderful gesture (PHOTO)

WOLVES TERRORIZING CROATIAN VILLAGES: Marko sleeps with his sheep to save them, beasts spread fear on every step (VIDEO)

IN TWO MONTHS 400 PEOPLE ARRESTED: Criminals are losing the battle with police

CAMEL ESCAPED THE ZOO, then walked around the street. People could not believe their eyes (PHOTO)

(CANDID CAMERA) WE DROVE A CAR FULL WITH SEXY DOLLS: Grandpa reaction will blow you away!

American television showed during the final's halftime where Serbia is! Kosovo is within Serbia!