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Details of shootings in Barcelona: Stojke wounded in front of the hotel where he stayed, doctors thought he would not make it


The suspect pulled out a weapon at some point and shot Stojkovic, he shot him with three bullets - in the forehead, jaw, and chest

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The leader of Rakovica clan, Nebojska Stojkovic Stojke (43), survived the assassination in Barcelona which happened on Monday, while his friend Dejan Jusufovic known as Jusa Cubavi, managed to avoid the bullets and he is unharmed. Stojkovic was attacked in the center of Barcelona in front of the hotel where he was staying. 

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Police are still searching for unknown perpetrators.

- An unknown attacker with a cap on his head approached Stojkovic and Jusufovic while they were leaving the hotel. At one point the suspect pulled out a weapon and shot at Stojkovic, and shot him with three bullets - in the forehead, jaw, and chest. Jusufovic managed to jump and escape, says the source of the Serbian telegraf.

Although the Spanish media made a mistake that Stojkovic had succumbed to injuries on the spot, he was immediately transferred to the hospital with weak signs of his life.

- Given that he suffered serious bodily injuries, doctors thought he would not survive. Fortunately, they managed to reanimate him - adds the source.

Several versions could be heard in the police for this attack, and one of them is that one of the largest Montenegro clans is behind the murder - Kavac clan.


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