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Incredible photos of Skopje which is choking on pollution! This is unprecedented on Balkans

This phenomenon in the capital of Macedonia has reached a maximum level and it even paralyzes the normal life

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The picture was taken from Vodno above Skopje and it shows an amazing sight. The tops of the buildings look as if they were in cloudsThe air pollution in Skopje has been 10 times higher than allowed, according to the various stations, and thus the photos before us are really stunning.

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The air pollution in the capital of Macedonia has risen so much that it paralyzes normal life. It is impossible to see anything due to the fog and pollution.

The maximum limit suggested by the European Union for the presence of PM10 particles (particle diameter less than 10 micrometers) in the air is 50 micrograms, and 383 PM particles per cubic meter were measured in the Karpos region of Skopje this morning.

Foto: Profimedia/AFP

The Center with 316, suburb Lisice with 291, suburb Gazi Baba with 261, and the area around the Rectorate with 395 PM10 particles per square meter were marked with a red square, the highest pollution level monitored by the Ministry of Environment.

The air smells like plastic on fire, and the visibility is reduced due to fog, according to the local media. 572 micrograms were measured last night in Karpos, 531 in Lisic, 450 in Centar.

Foto: Profimedia/Abaca

Skopje, Tetovo, Kumanovo, and Bitola have been facing great pollution for years. 

The city authorities working on reduction of pollution have sprinkled the streets with special chemicals, they introduced free city transport and even-odd system, but the results are lacking.

New city authorities and the Ministry of Environment are announcing new measures for the next year.


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