Bogdan scored 16 points to Nets and they avoided the knockout, Kings celebrated after the extra time! (VIDEO)

Good performance by Bogdan against the Nets

The Sacramento basketball team beat Brooklyn with 116: 111 after the extra time, and Bogdan Bogdanovic scored 16 points for the triumph.

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Our national team player spent 32 minutes on the court and he added 5 rebounds, three assists, and two stolen balls, while Cauley-Stein and Fox were the most efficient with 17 points.

Carrol stood out in Brooklyn with 20 points, and the match had great uncertainty, Brooklyn had the maximum advantage of 9 points, and Kings 8 during the game.

Bogdanovic scored his lasts points 8 minutes before the end of the last quarter, when he scored his first three points, on Koufos assist for 84:79.

Bogdan experienced an unpleasant blow to the nose when Cunningham accidentally hit him, but luckily, he didn't sustain an injury.

Kings stopped the five defeats streak, and the next challenge is on this court in two days against Utah.


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