Beautiful Milesa (23) is searching for workers for her cow farms, but they insult her that it is an ad for a husband: Would you write such abominations to your sister or mother?

- I don't understand why is it a problem in this state for a woman to have a cow farm - Melisa wonders

Milesa Radojevic (23) from the village Brancic near Ljig is a young farmer, who often finds condemnation and negative comments on social networks. Because of the work she does. Laughter is the reaction she encounters a lot when she tries to talk about agriculture. This time, Melisa tried to find a worker for her cow farm, but she only encountered disapproval. 

Milesa (23) is a farmer, she takes care of cows and fields, but no one takes her seriously because she is a real beauty! They all watch her white yoga pants (PHOTO)

- I have placed an ad today, for God knows how many times, that I am looking for a worker for the cow farm, I wrote everything to the detail, and what is the wage, I can't believe how many people started provoking and insulting me. Would you write that kind of abominations - revolted Melisa wrote after those negative comments.

Foto: Telegraf/privatna arhiva

- I don't understand why is it a problem in this state for a woman to have a cow farm? I am doing honest work and I don't force anybody to work with me. If you know what are the conditions on other farms, you will understand that I offer very decent conditions, and a wage - the young farmer said.

She noted that many people receive social help and that many people eat around food centers, and when they are offered a job, they just insult and disrespect the employer.

Foto: Telegraf/privatna arhiva

- I will say clearly to everybody: I am searching for a worker, not a boyfriend, or a husband, and leave your nastiness to yourself. Surely someone who really needs a job will answer - Milesa said.

When we spoke earlier with this young and capable woman, she said that it is obviously a problem that she is a woman, because if she was, other men would ask her about the price of calves and the brand of the tractor, and not why is she taking photos in white yoga pants and in sleeveless shirt.

Milesa is 23 years old, he is divorced and she lives with parents and two children, six-year-old daughter, and four-year-old son. The farm is large, there is a lot of work, and the family has to have at least one employed worker. She works on the farm, in the garden, she is a house woman and mother of two young children. When she goes out she looks like any other town girl.

Foto: Telegraf/privatna arhiva

- My family and I are doing agriculture. We have 35 cows and our main activity is the production of milk, we make 500 liters per day. We have calves and bulls for sale, all in total 70 of them. We grow corn, wheat, alfalfa on 30 hectares of land - Milesa said.

When she is in a barn, her job is to milk them, in the field to drive a tractor, does paddy straw, she plows, she gathers clover, prepares food for the cattle.

- It seems that it is a wonder that a young woman lives in the village and brags about it, which can be seen in the photos. I am proud of that, this is what they taught me to do since I was little, but also not to neglect fun, nor myself - Milesa explains.

Foto: Telegraf/privatna arhiva

VIDEO: This cow came to breakfast - into the kitchen! 


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