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Drama in Manchester's locker room, Matic wanted to leave the club: You bombarded my country, there is no way that I am going to wear that poppy!

The Serb should pay tribute to the Britons who died in the First World War, but also to NATO soldiers, which he did not want to do

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The member of the Serbian national team and a player of Manchester United Nemanja Matic was the only one on the game between Bournemouth - Manchester United (1:2) who didn't have a poppy flower on his chest, which is traditionally used in Premier league each year to give tribute to the British soldiers who died.

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The Serb made a lot of people angry in Britain with this move, and the people in the club were stunned.

Telegraf finds out from well-informed sources that they placed the poppy flower on Nemanja Matic's jersey before the math and he asked "what is this" when they told him that it is for the tribute for the dead British soldiers, and among other things, who lost their life in NATO missions, and he then refused to listen to them.

Foto: Guliver/Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

One of the best midfield players in the world took off the flower and threw it on the floor of the locker room: He said

- You bombed my country, there is no way that I am going to wear that. If necessary, I am prepared to leave the club and England right away - Matic said to the people in the club.

But, they allowed him to play without the mentioned symbol.

To recall, the players are not obliged to wear that flower on their chest, nor will they be punished by the Football Federation if they chose not to wear it, but there were are a lot of criticism on Social networks against Matic who decided to remove the poppy flower from his jersey.

VIDEO: Mladen Krstajic talking about Nemanja Matic 


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