Terror in front of the club in Sarajevo: A brutal man dragged a girl by her hair and hit her in the head, then the MMA fighter came out of the club (VIDEO)

The owner of the club is a famous MMA fighter, who said that he wants everybody to feel safe in his club

An incident was recorded in front of the famous "Dorian Gray" club in Sarajevo a few days ago where a man is harassing a girl and he is hitting her. However, the owner reacted immediately, who is also a famous MMA fighter, Denis Stojnic.

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It can be seen that the mentioned girl leaves the club in a hurried pace and that she is moving to the main street. A man ran after her who immediately pulled her hair and started hitting her behind a parked car.

To prevent the violence, the owner of the club Denis Stojnic went out and overcame him with several hits.

After that, the staff of the club went out and they separated Stojnic from the mentioned man.

Stojinic said that he couldn't watch the violence on the girl, especially not in his object, saying that he wants everyone to feel safe.

- When I saw on my surveillance that a big man, who is even bigger than me, is hitting a woman with a fist in her head, I ran out immediately and I reacted to protect the girl. I overcame and we walked the girl back to the taxi, she didn't want to report the case to the police. Unfortunately, violence against women is common in our country, and my duty as a man, a citizen, and then the owner of the object is to make everyone feel safe in my clubs, especially women because those are someone's children, sisters, mothers, and weaker and gentler sex - said Stojnic.

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