The convicted Serb from the Zakynthos case came home: "Milos is our hero, and he ended up in prison"

Milos went to Greece with his sister and friends, but the holiday turned into a nightmare

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Milos Senic (25), one of the Serbs convicted in the case of "Zakintos", was released from a Greek prison after the third of his sentence!

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Senic arrived home a few days ago in the village of Grabovac near Mladenovac after more than a year and a half spent behind the lock for participating in a fight that killed American student Bakari Henderson (22).

- I just need a bit of space after everything that I have been through in the previous period. I got a bit out to rest from everything... - said Milos for "Srpski Telegraf".

His family didn't want to stand in front of the reporters until the dust settles. However, according to the neighbors, everybody was relieved when they saw him at his home.

- Everybody is very happy that he is back with his family! Milos is our hero. He ended up in prison because of someone else. Thank God that it is just ugly past for him and his family. After arriving home, his closest friends arrived, and he celebrated his freedom with them. They didn't throw any party. It was enough for them to be together - said one of the neighbors.

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Milos was sentenced to five years in prison due to the terrible fight which took place in June last year, and according to the Greek law, the convicts have the right to be released to parole after they served one-third of their sentence.

The locals of this village said that he traveled to Zakynthos just a few days after he returned from his work in South Africa where he went to search for a better life. He then went to Greece with his sister and friends, but that turned into a nightmare.

- At the fatal night, in the club "Bar Code" in the place Laganas, there was a fight between the killed American and another man, which soon escalated. Milos just wanted to protect his sister who was struck in the head by a glass bottle of the American, who started the fight by hitting a young man. After that, he went to a hotel and then they came for him and they locked him up. Shame! He has been in prison for more than a year. That is a hard-working young man, he wouldn't heart a fly - adds the neighbor.

Five Serbs were sentenced for this fight, a Bosnian and a Greek. Milos received the smallest penalty - five years, and Dusan Rankovic the highest - 10 years. Milos Ilic, Stefan Stojanovic, and Nemanja Ristic got 9 years each.

The neighbor of Senic said that everybody understood the difficult situation of the family when he was arrested.

- A shame, that is a good family. We had donated some money to help them. The trip is expensive, the lawyers, that is a lot of money - he said.

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